Winchester 94 Trails End .357 Magnum Octagon-Barrel Made in USA. Rare gun.

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    Close to new condition. Holds 11 rounds of .357 ammo in magazine tube. Mechanically excellent with a nearly unused mirror-clean bore. Other features: blued receiver with 20 inch octagon barrel, crescent shape steel butt plate, top tang safety, spent cartridges angle up and outward towards the side. My gun was made in New Haven, Connecticut in 2004. Rare gun: Winchester made only about 1,025 of my Model 94’s version from 2004-2006 the only time they were manufactured. My gun is distinct from other Trails End versions ie those with the round barrel, standard (non-western) style stock, and cross-bolt safety. Winchester closed down USA manufacturing operations in 2006 and now outsources their lever actions to be made in Asia.

    Prefer Oregon residents for simplicity, however, I will sell to Washington residents through a Washington FFL located close to state border. If selling to Oregon resident I will need a Bill of Sale for my records only. Meet up in SE Portland. $1,000 cash sale. Thank you.
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