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I figured out that the shell is loading ok, it is the extractor that is failing to grab on to the shell rim. It forces me to cycle the lever hard and then it grabs on to the rim and closes. Is the extractor defective?


If the extractor is resisting final lockup as it tries to climb over the rim of the case (did I interpret right?), it may just be that the bevel on the exterior of the extractor is too steep.

On a 94, the extractor is a claw. This claw is beveled on the tip on the exterior to cam up and over the rim so the "claw" portion can then grab the brass rim.

I would also examine very closely the recess in the receiver where the claw resides when the gun is closed. This recess is very prone to catching a small sliver of debris, and preventing the extractor from entering its place of rest and/or grasping the rim of the case properly.

It will take a tool such as a dental pick to explore there. A similar tool could be fabricated from a paper clip, bobbie pin, etc.
there is a marlin owners site thats pretty good if you google it, it will probably come up. If you need parts and know what the part is, check out Numrich gun parts as they seem to have just about everything.
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