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I am trying to get approx value of 2nd edition winchester 1890 serial 51863 in very nice condition all original except looks like rear sight has been upgraded ???
Thanks for any input

shrunk winchester pic.jpg

winchester 2.jpg

winchester 3.jpg
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I couldn't help you with a value on your gun, but I will say those things are beautiful! I wish I had the funds to buy one. I'll probably end up settling on a Rossi knockoff since they can be had in the $200-$300 range.
Shlo812 , Yes it is a very nice gun i received from dad 5 years ago put it away and have not looked at it since till today .. Not sure what i want to do with it but i need to know value before any moves are made ...
Is the 1890 a takedown model and if it only has a six diget serial number it is prior to 1907. What caliber is it S,L,LR or WRF?

Correction all models were takedown after ser. # 15,499.
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yes it is a takedown model and says short on top of barrel

I corrected my post as all were takedowns after ser.#15,499.

The books say it is only for Shorts as they were not interchangeable.

Is it color case hardened or blue?
Is the stock checkered?
Is the barell nickel-steel?

I will try to figure the date out using the serial elswhere.
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