Win 70 Extreme Weather SS 338 win

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    Here's the website to the gun
    Model 70 Extreme Weather SS, Ultimate wet weather Bolt Action Deer Elk Big Game Rifle hunting whitetail mule -- Winchester Repeating Arms -- Product Model
    But I know from personal experience the summary is exceedingly long and difficult to read so I'll try to summarize the best I can in why this is a pretty spectacular gun.

    In my opinion, this Winchester is one of the better, if not the best, North American hunting rifles. The rifle weighs in at just around 7 lbs with no glass while still maintaining a stainless steel receiver and barrel to endure the elements. The barrel is fluted to keep the weight at a minimum while still maintaining a relatively stiff. The stainless receiver and free floated barrel sits on top of a Bell and Carlson stock (from the factory!) which is not the lightest alternatively, but helps with the accuracy by free floating the barrel (the one time I took it out to the range I was getting around 1.25-1.5 MOA using Remington core-lokt ammo). The 338 win mag round pushes just under 4000 ft/lbs of energy which is more than enough to take out most North American game, but slightly underpowered if you plan on taking this out to the plains of Africa and does not meet the 375 caliber requirement for dangerous game.

    Pretty spectacular gun, but a little too dedicated for my backyard blasting (and expensive!!!).

    CASH PRICE:1050 with Plano case

    TRADES: Try me, I want everything.
    But specifically
    Arsenal SAM7
    Glock 17 and 26 gen 4 combo
    Glock 21 and 30 gen 4 combo
    Desert Eagle XIX 50 AE
    Desert Eagle I 357 Magnum
    Colt Python
    Colt Anaconda
    Colt 6920
    Remington 700 police 338 Lapua Magnum... longshot but I REALLY want (I'll add)
    FN Scar 17s (I'll add)
    FN Scar 16s (I'll add)
    Benelli M4
    FN PS90
    FN FS2000
    Hornady AP press with case and bullet feeder with 223 brass 9mm brass or 45 brass.

    Photos will be up as soon as possible!!!
    Contact me through text/call at 503 913 7765 and I can text photos of the gun
    Having some issues uploading the photos.

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