Wilson Combat 22LR Conversion Kit

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    Wilson Combat and Marvel Precision have paired up to build a fantastic conversion kit for the shooter looking for something a little nicer than those bottom of the barrel imported conversions. This specific model comes with the adjustable target sights and the hard to get steel magazine. The kit has ~ 1000 rounds on it and comes with a standard Wilson Combat lifetime warranty. This is for the conversion kit only the rest of the gun is not included.

    What's In The Kit?
    Wilson Combat 22lr Conversion
    Wrench/Allen Key Thing
    One Steel Magazine
    Wilson Combat Carrying Case
    Slide Stop

    What's it cost? $300 shipped to your door. If you want to drive down to Tacoma and meet at a Starbucks or something, I can offer you a face to face discount. SOLD


    A TRADE YOU SAY?! Well I'm actually looking for a 125-150cc scooter or Enduro style bike. Something like a Honda Elite 150 or a Yamaha DT125 would optimal. I'm only interested in running and titled bikes, and of course I have extra cash and other guns I'd consider getting rid of. Oh I'm also fruity for quality milsurp, or maybe a Beretta 21A + a little cash/a Beretta 21A or a Beretta 71 with a threaded barrel. I'm also interested in Beretta 101s.

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