Will the SIG P290 be a bang or a fizzle?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Jan 31, 2011.

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    The P290 should be out before too long and has generated a lot of interest. I am wondering if it is going to do well or if it is going to be a flop. I think the P250 is one of the best guns made (in it's new configuration) and a true inovation for the gun world but we all know how poorly the consumer has warmed up to it. It is just now starting to get it's footing. I am not sure the P290 will be as innovative and have a chance at a second coming if they screw up from the start.

    I have some concerns about the P290 that make me feel this way. The gun is just so thick and heavy for a subcompact and if the trigger is not a true DAO (which I love) then I see no way it can be as good as the Kahr pistols or other small 9mm guns. I do want to see what the internals look like. Does the slide run on polymer or steel? Are the internals well made from good stock? These things might help me justify the size.

    I think the biggest deciding factor for this gun will be price. If it comes on the market for an MSRP of $530-570 and people can pick them up for $445-$490 I think it will do great. If it comes out with an MSRP that pushes the retail price even a hair over $500 I think people will reconsider and they will sit on the shelves. I really think this gun could be hurt by a retail price of just a few dollars. If it is cheap enough to be an impulse buy people will be able to live with it's short comings, but if people are given reason to pause for even a second they might start adding up too many negative things about the gun.

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    im in the market for a pocket 9mm and i gotta say that im not that interested in the 290
    I love the kahr....unless the sig 290 comes in near 425$ in price...

    knowing sig, they will price themselves right out of the pocket 9 market and this thing will be a FLOP

    saw the kahr today for 410.00

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