Just had a device attached to central computer go to caca, so I went to that room to investigate. Next to said device was peekaboo:

peekaboo - Copy.jpg

The visitor had nothing to do with technical issues, but got squished anyway due to proximity. :s0165:
Not poisonous but very interesting fact they do bite! Variety of Praying Mantis but most I've seen were not colorful. Maybe two inches long? Big enough to startle me if it crawled across me during the night.

View attachment 1291117 View attachment 1291119
I have been finding green ones a lot this year at my place. They seem to be immature and hang out in one area growing quickly then turning into a tan color before flying off and not returning.
Twenty plus javelina showed up. Recently they have been coming in at night. My attempts at pictures failed, but the critters weren't disturbed by my being outside on the deck above them. First time caught one using the rock for access to water. Hope to draw a tag but cannot hunt around the house. Legally.

20221110_083333.jpg 20221110_083405.jpg

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