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U.S. LACKS WILDLAND FIREFIGHTERS AHEAD OF BUSY FIRE SEASON: The U.S. Forestry service reported it has only met 50% of its hiring goals for wildland firefighters in several critical regions as widespread drought conditions promise a busy wildland firefighting season. National Federation of Federal Employees union representative Max Alonzo says efforts to increase the base wage of $15 per hour are “way too little, way too late.”
There a lot more that goes into the pay scale for FS employees, especially in the suppression side of the agency. They certainly make more than 15/hr, anytime on assignment there is “hazard pay,” they have different scale for yrs of service or qualifications. I have many friends that work for the FS wether on a Type 1 hand crew (hotshots), couple jumper friends, and friends on local engine crews, I can say with certainty they all make more in a season than they ever would at a minimum wage job. That said, people aren’t getting into that profession like they used to be, you don’t do it for the pay or the benefits or lack there of, you do it because you love it. Even in the municipal fire department realm it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire quality candidates, let alone ones that have any kind of experience especially paramedics. Like any profession the pool of potential employees is lacking of younger guys with good work ethic and personal standards. Just my two cents and view point of it, take it however y’all would like.

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