Wild Blackberry Bison Meatloaf

Wild Blackberry Bison Meatloaf

It's been a long, long time since I made this one.. This is the best of the best. Considering, it is blackberry season, I think it's perfect timing for this recipe.

Ok, I am guessing about the proportions right now, but will examine a meatloaf recipe to see if I can get more exact measurements.. You will just have to use your best guess and trial and error to get the measurements to your liking. I like dumping lots of stuff in this meatloaf as it seems to flourish with strong flavoring more than other dishes.

Anyone who likes this recipe, please donate some 44 mag ammo to me.. I need it.. :D

Ok.. this is what you need:
2 lbs of 100% Grass-Fed Ground Bison (doesn't have to be grass fed, but I am anti-grain with bison meat)
8oz - 1lb Freshly picked blackberries.. (Use your own judgment about how berryish you like it)
1tbs BBQ Spice seasoning, like Stubbs, Dillo Dust or Rub-n-Love, etc..
1 cup of BBQ Sauce.. I love Rufus Teague, but use your favorite
1/4 tsp liquid smoke (optional, if you like smoky)
2 large eggs (beaten)
1/3-1/2 cup of milk
1/2 cup diced purple onion
3 garlic cloves (minced)
1-2 tbs Worcestershire Sauce
2-3 slices of bread.. I like whole wheat for this, but you can use sourdough or whatever.
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ground black pepper
1/4 cup finely chopped parsley
1/2 cup of Rolled Oats
1tbs Coconut Oil or Butter.

Ok, It''s been about 10 years since I made this, as I don't have time to cook anymore, but this is how it goes, I think:
1. Preheat oven to 350F. Middle rack is best.
2. Beat eggs in a large mixing bowl.
3. Add milk and mix with a whisk.
4. Rip up bread slices into bread crumbs and soak in bowl.
5. Take your blackberries into a separate bowl and mush them or use a food processor to turn them into a puree.
(NOTE: If using frozen blackberries, thaw out overnight)
6. Add blackberry mush/puree to bowl with milk and bread crumbs.
7. Mix blackberry puree in the bowl with spoon.
8. Add onions, parsley, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke and mix thoroughly into the large bowl.
(Optionally, you can fry all these in butter before adding to the bowl)
9. Add salt, pepper, BBQ spice and mix thoroughly into large bowl
10. Slowly add meat to the mix in the large mixing bowl. Add small pieces at a time and keep mixing thoroughly as you add.
11. Get a deep pan, like a bread pan. Grease pan with warm cocount-oil or butter.
12. and shape the meatloaf into a 5 x 9 shape that fits within the pan. You will have to experiment with what pan gives you the ideal shape you want.
13. Add BBQ sauce on top of meatloaf and distribute the sauce evenly on the top, so it makes an even layer.
(Optional, Poke some holes on the top of the meatloaf, that go down maybe 1/2 in. This will help the flavor of the sauce seep into the loaf. Maybe, poke three row of holes from the shortest dimension, every 1 in of the loaf. )
14. Evenly distribute rolled oats over the BBQ sauce on top of the meatloaf. (Makes a lovely and tasty garnish )
15. Cook meatloaf for 1hr to 1.5 hours. Not sure about the ideal internal temperature, maybe 155F-165F, depending on how well-done you like the loaf. Trial and error.

Hope somebody else can enjoy this dish as much as I had throughout my younger years.

P.S. Substitute vension, elk, moose or mix half/half bison for a still very nice and exotic dish. Half beef/Half bison also probably will work out very well. I have tried the Venison version of the dish much to my satisfaction.

This could also be cooked in a crock pot or dutch oven.. I think when cooking it this way, adding Coconut Oil or extra butter to the pan to prevent burning would help a lot. I've heard of many people successfully preparing meatloaf in crockpot.

I also have a great recipe for an Afrikaner-style Lamb Meatloaf dish, called Bobotie, but is has been a long while since I made that. I think those recipes are online, I will see if I can find one again.
Sorry Trslmn, don't have any pics.. As I say I don't cook much anymore, which is why I posted the recipe.. If you prepare the dish, please post some pics.. I will tell you it looks awfully pretty and tasty when prepared properly. Maybe, I can set aside a day where I can make this dish again. It's a combination of like 3 meatloaf recipes I really liked, with some personal modifications. I use to live on the Oregon coast and had millions of blackberries in my yard, so I had to get creative and think how I could utilize the berries. Then I started getting Buffalo meat shipped to me and put two and two together, hence how this recipe was born. To my amazement, I really could clean out the blackberry bushes of fruit, when I started making this stuff on a regular basis.

If I can get my hands on Moose meat, I would just love to try this recipe with it. I am getting some good New Zealand venison meat from Whole Foods right now which is worthy of an experiment as well. This dish tends to go really good with gamey meats. Something about cooking at a lower temp with the acidic fruit helps tenderize and expose more of the flavor of the meat.


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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder - Pistol/Rifle Combo
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