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My apologies. It's late and my brain thought my jokes were funny.

My wife and I began our relationship in the traditional way: me leaving her standing by the bus stop after she missed her bus. No internet influence involved.
Ah, gotcha - it’s late and any joke you made zipped past my notice.

I met my wife through online dating after answering about 1000 questions related to my personal preferences. So the irony is that in some ways, I did meet my wife based on strangers recommendations. If you count an algorithm designed for compatibility as a stranger.
Be sure everyone near has gun mufflers since a 10.5" barrel it is quite loud unless you run a suppressor, Even then you need to wear gun mufflers.
We do and this one's worse right now because it's wearing a brake/AAC can adapter. I've been meaning to remove it because of the noise and blast, but "ears" are always required with this one. We use hearing protection for everything except 22LR rifles.
If you think a 10.5 is loud, you should hear my 8.5 light off...

I fear that this is going to end up in the MQTOoC thread shortly... :oops:
For short barrel A.R.’s you should consider a blast forward device like a linear comp. I have 2) one on my 300 blackout and a 556 pistol that are a lot better than those with brakes that deafen bystanders… :eek::eek::eek:
I’m considering getting an A.R 15 or some kind of A.R

Why do you think it’s the best. Is it a good choice for the one and only one, for now?
If you want your first AR, you should do some research on the different types of ARs that are available.
There is no one kind of AR.

What's the purpose ? Collecting ? Long range shooting ? Occasional "fun shooting" ?
Original 20" rifle ? (rifle length gas system)
16" mid gas ? (mid length gas system)
M4-ish (M4gry) ? (carbine length gas system)
AR pistol ?


Boat, motor or AR.
It'll probably all end up the same.

Aloha, Mark

PS..... Know that if you buy an will automatically become a ....
And you will be put on the LEFT's Domestic Terrorist List.
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