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Kyle Rittenhouse is facing several civil suits, something that i don't think was mentioned in the thread. Self defense, your damned if you don't, your damned if you do. I know the old saying. better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. Even after a person wins against a murder charge, they still go to court for the next decade or so, tens of thousands of dollars later.
Mind your own business, only fire when your life is actually threatened and not before (shooting before they've actually attacked with more than a fist) or after (shooting in back as they run away) and you are generally in good shape not just from being arrested but also from civil lawsuits.

Trouble is when you are stupid.

Rittenhouse - bragged about bringing an ar-15 to open carry to protect a friends' family members store in another state. If there was ever a situation where a guy was hoping something started it is here. It's one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

Florida - retired LEO shoots a man who was arguing and threw a soda can at him in a movie theater.

Both went to trial because of their stupidity. When people say "better to be tried by 12…" I always grimace for 2 reasons: (1) If you are responsible there should never even be threat of a trial; and (2) Few law abiding citizens would do "easy time" in prison for 20 years. Many would wish they had been killed. Be smart and be safe and you should be fine.

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