Why SBS and SBR were banned back in 1994.

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    When the feds were busy with their 1994 AWB/Crime bill, Olympia had their own 97 page crime bill that was similar in some ways. An Act Relating to Violence Reduction Programs Bill 2319 originally had an assault weapons ban as well as the SBS/SBR ban. It seems many people showed up to speak out against the AWB.

    I wrote to the authors of the bill and just got a reply from Judge Appelwick; formerly a Representative in Olympia back in the 1990's. Judge Appelwick said in part that they undertook a review of existing gun regulations in an attempt to cleanup/update the statutes and add some modest regulations to dampen the cries for major restrictions. He also said that no one objected to the SBS/SBR ban and or saw any use for SBS/SBR's.

    The last part I have no problem believing. I have not been able to locate a single WA resident that claims they spoke out against the SBS/SBR ban while it was being heard in committee back in 1994.

    Does anyone have any relevant info on why registered SBS/SBR were banned after July 1994? Thanks.


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