Why do people think we are strange?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kimber Custom, Mar 27, 2012.

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    I was a part of a group of office staff who took a tour of a construction site for a new building we are putting up. As I was walking by, an electrician was asking another worker if he had a pair of wire cutters. I pulled out my Gerber multi-tool and asked him if that would work. It did and he was grateful. You should have seen the look on my co-workers faces; you'd think I had two heads.

    I carry a Gerber multi-tool, pen, sharpie, LED light and a pocket knife everywhere. I use at least two of them every day and frequently all of the above. I'm guessing most of you have a similar mindset/toolkit and yet we are considered the strange ones.

  2. Mark W.

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    I drive dump truck for a living you should see the looks I get when I pull out my smart phone and look something up on line in the middle of no where. Course almost everyone of the guys standing around with me would have a pocket knife (I carry a Victrinox Explorer) or a multitool. I carry a Flashlite as do most the other guys picked up the habit night paving. I also carry a Spyderco Byrd folding knife (suited to self defense).

    Course Dump truck Drivers rarely give a rats what other people think.
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    my brother went to work for me doing hardwood floors and he wanted to get a box knife in a sheath to carry on the jobsites.
    i said why dont you buy a flashlight instead,you will use that more than a box knife?i have a box knife in my toolbox.
    well i have used his boxknife more times than i can count and everytime he hands it to me he smiles with a sense of victory over me.
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    In my northface right now I have 3 pairs of rubber gloves(medical) a pocket mask for CPR, a spare magazine for my S&W 4003tsw, a gerber multitool I got from my dad, a mini mag flashlight, chapstick, and a pair of trauma shears, and a CRKT KISS… not weird for me at all

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