Why do I "need" more than one?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by GGJohnson, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. GGJohnson

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    What do you do to keep the peace when your spouse supports the utilitarian aspect of firearm ownership, but is exasperated by the hobby/collection interest going on?
  2. shootnscoot

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    I would point to her shoe closet.
  3. tanzuki

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    Why does she need to know about the extent of your collection?
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  4. AndyinEverson

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    Having lived with this same question , through my wife or in-laws , I will tell you how I answered.
    Some of my guns have family history. I have my Dad's and Granddad's guns .
    Many that I have bought or traded for have a historic value , knowing that I have a love of history helped with this.
    My in laws come from a "Do it yourself" background and can understand my liking for seeing the differences in various designs and wanting to know how they work.
    We all love to read in my family and just like every book tells a different story , the same applies to guns.
    I have many guns for many different reasons.
    Just one example:
    I wouldn't use my Remington 03A3 to hunt grouse or rabbits.
    ( I know I could , but I have better choices.)
    But if I wanted to hunt big game , compete in a high powered rifle match , hold a piece of WWII history in my hands or defend my home it would be high on that list.
    Just like the fact that screwdrivers come in different sizes for different screws , we have different guns for different uses.
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  5. PaulB47

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    It's worthwhile keeping peace in the home. As long as you have basic defense needs taken care of (and you are the better judge for those), you should negotiate for the rest. The downside of this is obvious, but as someone mentioned the upside is not so much money spent on a shoe collection, heh.
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  6. etrain16

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    Well, there are a number of ways to address this. First, why must a firearm purchase be a 'need' to be justified? Why can't a firearm simply be a want? I'm quite sure, as noted by someone else, that she probably has items she collects, whether they be shoes, clothes, books, china, whatever, where she has more than she 'needs', yet owns far more than need would dictate. I'm not advocating you get in her face about it, but depending on your wife's personality, you may be able to gently suggest that she also has things that extend beyond utility.

    At the very least, I could easily see owning 3 guns, based solely on utility. A pistol/revolver for self defense at home and away. A rifle for hunting and certain competitions. A shotgun also for defense, hunting or trap. For that matter, you can add 2 more guns - rimfire pistol and rifle for practice, training (yourself and others) and for doing things like Appleseed events or rimfire challenge. With rifles, you'll probably need 2 or 3, especially if you hunt, based on your need for small and large game. Pistols/revolvers, well you may need a subcompact for summer carry, a compact for regular carry and a full size for the bedside gun.

    Then there's historical/collectible guns, black powder guns, etc.

    Point being, if you think it through, you can make just about any gun a 'utilitarian' purchase. My guess is she doesn't know anything about guns and so has no idea how may different types of guns are out there, why you do want/need to own them, and what purpose each type of gun and each type of ammo really serves. My wife had similar feelings years ago. Time passed, discussions were had and today she no longer questions any of it, so long as I'm not spending the life savings to do it.
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  7. slimer13

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    Mine used to get annoyed about firearm related purchases until things were tight one month and I sold one to make ends meet. Now she realizes that I'm telling the truth that they depreciate less than many other items and could be liquidated in case of emergency.

    She's come along way the past few years from fighting me about spending on my hobby and refusing to go places with me carrying, to cashing in some vacation to buy me a new Leupold Mark AR 6-18 and not feeling safe unless I am carrying and taking women's shooting classes.
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  8. Velzey

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    With my exwife I had to come up with all kinds of reasons. It got old

    Try to get her into shooting, and start out with something small. Enjoyable!!
    Don't hand her the .44 mag and sit back and laugh. I've seen this many times. That's one sure fire way to have your wife turn bad towards your hobby.

    After a few months dating my wife I said we need to take our relationship to the next level, I need to show you something..
    She then asked me if I have a link loader?:D
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  9. Joe13

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    I just kept buying them and she kept complaining about my purchases.

    Till I sold one for what I bought it for. That changed the whole subject. She still has a hard time believing guns are a good investment but has seen it too many times to knock it now.

    Takes nothing to reach into a safe and grab $1,000 for the weekend trip or something. It takes effort to select a gun, advertise it and meet to sell it so while it's not cash in hand it makes spending your savings harder.

    Plus you can always shoot them if you take care of them.
  10. nammac

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    I simply got her interested in shooting and firearms in general, now no questions as to why I need one more... Question now is, when are we going to go shoot it...:cool:
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  11. ZA_Survivalist

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    Firearms are much like tools.
    No single tool can do everything well, therefore; a variety must be owned.
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  12. Wolf256

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    I don't have a wife to worry about. :p I'm the wife. If hubby is correct, I actually have more guns then he does. The closet floor is filled with ammo crates. No shoe collection for me. I'll stick with my New Balance lace ups and my Cabela's water sandals. There's a pair of black flats in there somewhere if I absolutely have to wear something other than cargo shorts/pants. I don't "do" dresses. :D

    Or I simply tell HIM to get over it.
  13. Stomper

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    Why do I need more than one gun? That's easy, I have more than one eye, more than one ear, more than one nostril, more than one tooth, more than one kidney, more than one arm, more than one leg, more than one bodily bone, more than one hand, more than one foot, more than one toe, and more than one finger... I need a gun (or three) for each one of them!

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  14. David Bowman

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    If you find yourself explaining your hobby to your exasperated spouse, you may have chosen poorly.

    If she is exasperated by your hobby, then she doesn't have nearly enough to worry about, work to accomplish or a hobby of her own.

    Keep buying and selling; this will seek its own level...
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  15. PDXSparky

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    Guns make me happy. My wife likes me to be happy. End of story. That and transferable full auto firearms value increases over time. :cool:

    It helps that we both have decent incomes and can spend our own money as we see fit.
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  16. Ownerus

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    Sorta like why would we need more than one book in a library.
  17. NWGlockgal

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    I usually try to relate to a hobby/activity they do.
    For instance, if they are a golfer, I will ask them why they need more than one golf club. Why do they need a whole bag full? Usually they will answer something along the line of "One club will not work in all instances." Then I tell them I need some guns for self defense, others for competitions, and some people need them for hunting. One gun will not work in all instances. Once they can relate it to themselves, they get it.
    I also ask women, why do they need more than just one pair of sturdy shoes? Because they like them and want them. Same principle applies to guns.
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  18. clearconscience

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  19. CHLChris

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    I've met @Velzey 's wife. She is very involved in his gun life...what a blessing!

    I have to hide a lot of buying from my wife. But over the years I've discovered it is a little more like don't ask don't tell. She sees my pile of ammo cans and the 2 safes and the fact that I am on here all the time. But I respect her position by doing deals on the down-low and finding ways of hiding the cost.

    That's not my suggestion for you, though. You'll have to figure out the right balance for your own budget and family. We still have to be willing to put our families first.
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  20. P7id10T

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    I use a different analogy: I like guns in different calibers because they are like wines, you like all different kinds of whites, reds and bubblies for different reasons.

    What she complains about is the time I spend loading, tinkering, studying and shooting. (Cue Lurch's groan.)
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