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I have shipped things before but only when it's things that wouldn't be the end of the world if lost or not paid for. Mostly I don't ship things (or ask things to be shipped) as I don't have a way to collect (or send) electronic payments (and checks are mostly a thing of the past). FTF cash payments work for me but then I travel around the PNW a lot for work so that helps. Plus, I've met a lot of really nice people that share common interests and most have been very interesting to chat with and provide helpful information.
A new member that's actively contributing to different threads is likely not a bot. The scammers usually join then immediately go to the Classifieds without much participation in other sections.
Another "green flag" for me is if they're a supporting member. Generally someone who's here to make a quick buck isn't going to be donating a portion of their would-be ill-gotten gains to the community.
not everyones been here for years though, tells nothing
How is not shipping bending over exactly? I don't ship because it's not worth my time. Rather than trying to sell a rowing machine with CL or FB for $500, I opted to give it away. I'm giving my buddy my Big Green Egg because it's not worth the hassle to sell it.

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