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Have you seen the Senate committee and House Judiciary hearings??? :rolleyes: if these bureaucrats (Mayorkas, Garland, that Treasury Secretary, quite a few others... ) can actually get away with filibusters political answers to "yes or no" questions.... I can't expect the average voter of one certain party to be as direct :rolleyes:

Yes or No.

Is like demanding that someone vote for either or (assuming a D or R candidate).

That's too restrictive.

OK, Ok, ok.....lets change to Ranked-Choice Voting! Surely a Dem is bound to win that way.
Well, we are talking about Portland, OR.

Aloha, Mark

PS.......remember these people (College Students) VOTE.
And.....we got more voters here too.
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Bricktop, is that YOU?! :eek:

You just described the IRS and Oregon Dept. of Recenue…..

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