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This is a question every politician should be asked by all of us whenever they are in front of a microphone. Shout it Out!

Here's the answer you can expect.
Yes and the more the the great un-washed masses hear and see the two faced tap dancing the more they will realize how duped they were and vote differently next time. That's my hope anyway. What'cha got?
When asking questions, phrase them so as to demand a firm Yes or No answer.
When the rambling starts, clarify that the answer is either Yes or No.
In today's world if any one harms a felon the mayors & DAs will rush in to charge the one who put the felon's safety at risk. Felons and criminals engaging in crime are the favorite group of administrations today & they want them to be able to practice their occupation as safely as possible.
because criminals are a minority group...
When asking questions, phrase them so as to demand a firm Yes or No answer.
When the rambling starts, clarify that the answer is either Yes or No.
Have you seen the Senate committee and House Judiciary hearings??? :rolleyes: if these bureaucrats (Mayorkas, Garland, that Treasury Secretary, quite a few others... ) can actually get away with filibusters political answers to "yes or no" questions.... I can't expect the average voter of one certain party to be as direct :rolleyes:
I feel Its because Justice is no longer blind, controlled heavily by social opinion rather than the actual laws themselves.
Moreover, I think there are some issues that will linger forever as they seem to be career making cash cows for many, and not just politicians. Actually solving any, would mean an unwanted career change, loss of serious income or budgets, even vote getting opines on things their gonna fix,... this time.
"let no crisis go to waste"
There is a significant element within our society that is more than happy to see the world burn because they believe they will be able to lord over the ashes.

Put differently, if you turn a pyramid upside down, you don't get an inverted pyramid, you get a chaotic mess of blocks. He who is set to scramble to the top of the heap while everyone else is still in survival mode will have a huge advantage.

If you keep getting surprised by rapidly unfolding events, recheck your premises and develop a new paradigm - quickly.
You know actually.. here's one real good way to throw a wrench into their plans.

Campaign in the urban areas and inner cities with this platform;

Decriminalization of gun crimes of simple felon-in-possession types

Restoration of 2A (and other ) rights for all

Repeal of Federal gun laws

No more "prohibited persons" class

No more prosecution for "straw purchases"

No more ATF.

Even the playing field for everyone

Legalize face to face sales

Dissolution of the Federal NIC and other BG checks systems

Allow mail order firearms

Abolish ATF

Repeal NFA and GCA completely

Tell gangbangers no one will go.after them for their guns (but go incredibly hard for unlawful firearm usage)

Edit. If they're not going to go after criminals,.campaign on not going after law abiding citizens and giving them the same treatment as they are giving the criminals. IE, no arrests, no prosecution. No nothing. Just take reports and direct the coroner's to wherever.
Let's say for example;

Sheriff dept says "we'll help you clean up after criminals. We won't go after you, the law abiding citizens if you had to defend yourselves and these criminals are now taking dirt naps. Just call us for disposal of bodies"

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