Who's boss, anyway??

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    "He (King George) has made Judges dependent on His will alone, for the tenure of their Offices, and the amount and payment of their Salaries." (Declaration of Independence, July 4,1776)
    As has been discussed a lot lately, the State of Arizona recently passed a law that they would enforce Federal Immigration laws. However, Big Brother appealed and one of his hirelings (A so-called Federal "Judge") ruled that it would do "great harm" to her bosses' (the Federal Government) "WILL" if Arizona was to enforce Federal laws. So she invalidated a large part of the law.
    My question is this: If it "harms" the Federal Government when a State enforces Federal law, then does it "harm" the Feds when a State enforces other laws? How much does it "harm" the Feds when Oregon enforces Federal Drug and or Gun laws? Inasmuch as the Oregon State Police and The various County Sheriffs have pledged to "protect and serve" those of us who pay their salaries, should they be protecting us from the Feds instead of enforcing UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws?
    Sometimes the Feds act like dictators and walk all over us "Commoners". I think it may be time for the states to tell the Feds to take their hemmorhaging growth of dictatorial decrees and stuff them! I believe that every law enforcement officer in Oregon has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, and to protect and serve us, so maybe it's about time that they do it!
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    King Obama obviously doesn't see it your way, his henchmen in the A.G.'s office will have your name on file, so be careful what you say. Do not forget to vote in November, if it is still allowed. Spad
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    Who's boss, anyway??

    That's easy... my wife!! :D

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