Who remembers this pistol ammo?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by SVT-ROY, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Nobody I talk to seems to remember this ammo I'm going to try and describe. Maybe you knowledgeable folks can help.

    I used to get it about 10 years back at fairly honest Dons Machine Gun Parlor. I was a regular there before they moved and would hang out with the younger guy who was there 80% of the time. Anyway, some new Israeli ammo came in that was very odd and unique. It had a removable blue tip that aided in feeding, once removed the bullet was flush with the case and had a "nipple" that resembled the side of the button that would be on your right buttoning a shirt or pants etc. It was supposed to loose no FT lbs @ 50 yards and one out of 8 or so would penetrate a soft armor vest(so they said, 9mm).Can't remember level 2 or 3 but the vest was on display along with the bullets that had passed through. It was only out for a few months and was never seen again. They said it was illegal because of the penetration.

    OK I can take a breath....Hope that description helps jogg a memory.
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    Sub-machine gun subsonic ammunition
    Samson (IMI) 9mm "blue tip" 158 grain subsonic
    IMI 9mm "blue tip" 147 grain subsonic
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    Wow! Talking about learning something new everyday. Having never seen it, I thought that the blue tip was simply paint that denoted IMI subsonic ammo. Interesting.
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    Blue tip has a variety of meanings depending on country and date of manufacture, it means everything from incindiary to short-range training ammunition (SRTA), to "sub sonic"

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