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who here does NOT own/shoot a Glock?

im a sig fan, cant stand Glocks. my order in quality goes

5.anything else


(sorry joey i know your a glock fanboi but i just gotta know)

Joe Link

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Actually the Glock has been staying home in favor of my 1911 :s0001:

I really like Glock's because they work well for me, but I can understand why some would prefer others. That's the beauty of having so many different guns on the market to choose from. I like my two Sig's, but I'd rather have a Glock.
The rake of the grip frame doesn't work for me,it alters my natural point of aim and i end up shooting high.
I will stick with a 1911,thank you.
I am not a fan of the D/A only style of pistol, just could never get use to the trigger pull on these types pistols. I have tried them out on several occasions. Just recently in fact I purchased the new XDM by Springfield. Again I was not happy with the trigger on this pistol so I ended up trading it for a Kimber pro Carry II. I am a fan of all things 1911 I prefer this style of gun to all others. Sigs are fantastic guns and I have owned a P229, and a P245 over the last few years. I have never owned an H&k mostly due to the cost of them.

I do currently own a EAA Witness Match 10MM. this is a single action pistol modeled off the CZ-75 platform. This is a fantastic gun for the money and rivals my tricked out Wilson 1911 for trigger feel and accuracy. But its big and heavy definitely not a carry gun it's more of a lets load up some hot rounds and go to the range and have some fun gun.

#1 1911 commander
#2 1911 Full Size
#3 Sig 229 Elite SAO
#4 Taurus Small frame revolver
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Everyone I know seems to be crazy for Glocks and the Springfield's XD.
I personally don't like the look and feel of glocks. I have yet to shoot one of the XD's but at the gun store the other day, I handle a few and they just felt...weird to me. Maybe shooting one would change my opinion

Now give me a Beretta or a nice 1911 and then we're talking! :s0114:

The beauty of all these guns is there is something for everyone.
I have never owned a glock or shot a glock. I have looked at quite a few of them, but never could buy one. I have had two springfield 1911's and I love those. I have also had the XD 9 sub-compact and I like the way that shoots. The 1911 is by far the more superior firearm.
As RockKrawler pointed, and I have the same problem.......the grip angle is not natural for me. I have to break my wrist at a down angle to get the gun to point right.

Had a friend that sent his Glock .45 back to Robard (sp) for a grip reduction and angle adjustment. It was very nice, and almost thought of getting one and having the same thing done.

But prefer the 1911............every gun is a personal choice.
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Glocks are good for what they were designed for, a revolver replacement for police officers. I have nothing against one, and have shot enough rounds through a first gen G17 to flat wear it out. I don't own a glock anymore, but do own a few other automatics. I still prefer my revolvers though.
I prefer the 1911 style and have a built E.A. frame that I put various slides and barrel assemblies on. Also have P-35 with Walther markings that I can do almost anything with. The Glock thing just doesn't do it for me.
I do not have any pistols yet, but of the ones I've played with my favorite is the CZ-75. I've been considering buying a CZ-75 P01 in the near future, or maybe a BD. The grip is excellent and it points very naturally for me. The sights are nice and visible. I also prefer metal handguns to polymer. If I had one complaint it's that the slide is kinda small due to internal slide rails so it's a little harder than most handguns to charge. It's not that hard, but I wish there was a bit more to grip on.
i never noticed the grip angle. i suppose if i spent more time shooting one i would though. interesting points. keep em coming.


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