White House petition to stop Executive Order aimed at 2nd amendment and others

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    I would appreciate it (if you haven't already) if you could sign my petition to prevent this administration from exercising Executive Order to circumvent the Constitution. As you know, we already have a threat against our second amendment rights and the writing is on the wall about using the same process to raise the debt ceiling. If any of these are successful, it will set precedent and "green light" the government in completely destroying the Constitution. I need 25,000 signatures by Feb. 10, so please feel free to pass along. The effort may be symbolic at best, but it will force the administration to respond to the American people about why they feel it's appropriate to ignore the Constitution. Additionally, it might wake some of these people up and have them realize what's going on. Here's the link


    I appreciate your help!

    Anson (signer #1)

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