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While carrying, is your chamber clear or locked and loaded?

clear or loaded chamber while carrying?

  • loaded- loaded mag in and one in the chamber

    Votes: 275 86.5%
  • clear- loaded mag in but clear chamber

    Votes: 43 13.5%

  • Total voters
Chambered and ready.

I've read several news accounts where the intended victim would not have had time to chamber a round. There was a recent story of a liquor store (or convenience store?) clerk who placed the goods on the counter with one hand and drew/fired with the other while the bad guy was pointing a gun at him.
really it depends on gun design. The 1991 was designed for cocked and locked carry. my cz and walther uncock when the safety is activated but they have a hammer block that allows for carry with one in the chamber. the others i have that are'nt safe to carry with a chambered round get left at home a lot.
The H&K is well suited for carrying a round in the chamber, with the safety on. I can carry in either single or double action with a very well designed de-cocker on the side of the frame. I also like the Sig design, but this doesn't give you the resistance when drawing the hammer down, it just clicks. Does anybody know if the de-cocker on the Sig pistols enables the hammer to get closer to the hammer than the H&K? I know the H&K leaves a significant gap compared to fully de-cocked and unloaded, with the hammer down.
As to how many gunfights I've been in..that's irrelevent..although the answer is several..and am sporting four holes to remember it by.. Wasn't trying to brag about my experience.. A simple study of statistics..compiled over several decades..will tell you that the average "gunfight" lasts something like 2.1 seconds.. Your "half a moment" might as well be an hour..

But..don't take my word for it..
There's no time to rack that slide if someone has already drawn on you to rob you. There's maybe enough time to slap their gun away or hold theirs off to the side and draw/fire yours, and that's about it.

I don't have any dog in this contest, I've simply had the experience and am offering the example to benefit those with an open mind. In my experience Mr. Doubletap's view matches mine. For what it's worth. :)
Seems to me that keeping one in the pipe is definitely faster. If I have a guy trying to rob me "asking" for my wallet, I have time to draw before he realizes he's not getting my visa and the 2.00 (my wallet-I'm married!). Of course, as stated above, some people just don't feel comfortable ready to rock. To each his own. Its interesting the different points of view on this subject though...



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