Which tools do you cary to the range?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by twoclones, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. twoclones

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    Been reading here about the locked up AK and got to wondering about keeping tools, like the suggested rubber mallet and pliers, in my range bag. I've had trouble with my AR at the range and was very frustrated by it.

    When you go to shoot your AR, AK or other rifle, do you carry tools along and if so, which ones are best to have with?
  2. Spray-n-pray

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    I usually just have a bore snake, but after needing to borrow a screwdriver to adjust my sights, I think I will start carrying at least a few small tools. I am thinking a screwdriver, folding allen set, maybe a tiny little prybar.... Just enough for minor fixes, not trying to do any gun smithing while at the range or in the field.

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    If I am at the range and my rig is close I have a pretty well stocked tackle box filled with some small hand tools, extra parts (specific to the guns I most commonly shoot), some brass punches, and cleaning supplies. If I am out on foot the very least I carry is a small assault style pack with one pouch filled with a universal screw driver, hex heads, bore snakes, sight adjustment tool (for the AK), and a small pair of pliers. It may seem a little overkill but I have had more than one day of shooting go bad because I was without the tool I needed to make a simple repair.

    NOTE: In a pinch I have used a rock and a piece of wood to make a quick repair.....UHG
  4. spengo

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    What trouble have you had? I generally trust my guns to function properly all the time. If it is not functioning reliably it would probably be best to find out WHY and fix THAT rather than just un-jamming it every time. Poorly staked gas key? Incorrect buffer weight for the gas system length? Something else?

    Oh yeah, I do a have sight adjustment tool in my bag if that counts...
  5. twoclones

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    I'm new to ARs {was in the Navy} and bought the S&W AR-15t used. When I first took it to the range, it kept jamming on me. "Riot" on this forum {I think it was Riot} generously gave it a thorough cleaning and showed me a thing or two about the rifle. Then I put it in the safe for a few months.

    The second time I took it out, the first round from each of the first 2 magazines jammed when I tried to chamber them. The round {PMC ammo} was partly inside the chamber, still at an angle, and I had to pry it back to get it out. Next round chambered OK and gun didn't jam when firing.

    The next 2 magazines loaded the first round fine and fired all 30 rounds but there was 1 stovepipe jam while my daughter was shooting.
  6. Natty Bumpo

    Natty Bumpo
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    I prefer to travel light. I take a few cleaning supplies (rod, brush, patches, CLP, boresnake), gun screwdrivers, borelight, a light brass hammer and a small punch. A sight adjustment tool for the AR. Just enough to do some minor adjustments and light cleaning....and no more. I also have some basic tools in the vehicle just like most guys.

    I don't want to "work on" firearms at the range or on a hunt. I want to work on firearms on a bench, with vises and a blocks, with good light, out of the rain and weather, and having a full array of tools, manuals, parts, the internet and other resources I might need at my disposal.

    Instead, I take an extra firearm or two to the range or on a hunt in case something goes south.
  7. sweetbeard

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    the micro leatherman on my keychain and clp.. oh ya and q-tips.
  8. huntpotter

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    Generally a staple gun, multi bit screwdriver, and needlenose pliers.

    Sometimes tools specific to the gun I'm shooting. 1911 barrel bushing wrench. AR front sight tool. AK/SKS front sight tool. HK rear drum sight tool. FAL front sight tool.
  9. darkminstrel

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    3 Section .30 cal cleaning rod
    Folding metric allen wrench set
    Folding Imperial allen wrench set
    Folding torx wrench set
    Wire snips
    5 piece punch set
    4oz bottle Break-Free
    4oz bottle Sweet's 7.62
    4oz bottle ATF fluid(as lubricant)
    Cleaning kit containing;
    Toothbrush(for scrubbing)
    Zip-loc bags for trash
    3 pair nitrile gloves
    Small multi-tool
    Large multi-tool
    Stubby screwdriver with 10 flat/phillips bits
    2 hand towels
    Hard nylon mallet
    Small flat/peen hammer

    That all goes in just the outside pockets of my range bag.
  10. Martini_Up

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    Multi-tool (Victronox), small screwdriver, hex key set, couple of punches, masking tape, staple gun, staples, and sight adjuster. Rest of the bag has chamber flags, CLP, bore snakes, hearing and eye protection, spare batteries (weapon light red dot), copy of form 4's, pen, pencil, note pad, some q-tips, tooth brush, ammo and mags.

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