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Triggers seem to have evolved over the years. Timney and Jewell are some of the best made, I have both and they're still great. but the Trigger techs are the ones I've used in the last few builds, both AR and Rem 700 clone actions. In my humble opinion the Trigger Techs are my current favorite and would be very hard to beat in any platform.
Consider me as a “go with the proven quantity“/‘QPR’(Quality-Price-Ratio) type of guy.

Timney for the Rem700, Geissele for the AR.


The weather back East must've cleared up enough to let the mail through. I finally got my fourth Rem 700 Timney replacement trigger for my last remaining original Walker. This one was for my Remington 700 Classic. Unfortunately for me, it didn't drop right in. I had to trim some metal off of one side of the trigger guard. Then the safety was just a little sticky, so I sanded a little bit on the inside of the stock. So, even though it took longer (about an hour) and more effort than I would have liked, I now have a nice 3 pound trigger on my .25-06. Unlike the other three that I replaced previously, this one was kind of break even since the Walker trigger was pretty good already, other than the safety recall against it. Well, "break even" if I ignore the cost of the new Timney and the time spent replacing it. Hey, it kept me busy for a little while anyway. Besides, what's $145 when Congress is raining money down upon us these days? :eek:
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