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Started shooting handguns about 7 months ago (after years of shotguns), Now own two 9mm. Wife has gone a couple of times but is still afraid of the recoil and power of the 9's.

Sooo, how about a 22 to get her used to just shooting and for me to play with also. Will be used solely for training, practice and shooting at the range.

Saw a Baretta Neos and liked the style, read some pretty good reviews. Liked it's apparent ease of claening (remember I'm pretty new to all of this).

Wonderig if anyone has one, what you think of it, and any other suggestions I should be considering?

Thanks in advance for any help and input, I appreciate your time.
Its hard to beat a good ol' ruger standard Mk2 or 3.
I had a browning buck mark for a very short time & loved it.
If its mostly for her, the important thing is to get one that fits HER. one that SHE likes the feel of.
I have a 20 year-old Ruger MK II 22 pistol with the bull barrel. I like it, and they can be found for under $300 all over the place.

My buddy just purchased this Walther SP22 M3 from Rich's Gun Shop (for significantly less than the price listed on the linked site), and it's awesome. Shoots great, very lightweight and has just a tad of "Ray Gun" look to it. If I was handier, I'd buy one, plate it in bronze, scuff it, and add black ray gun rings around the front of the barrel and make myself the space pistol I've wanted since I was a child. I understand if my aesthetic is unappealing, but it's a super fun gun anyway.
I'd recommend either, but I'm new (so, grain of salt and all that).
I haven't handled a neos, so can't help you there, but i have a ruger mk 1 that is gobs of fun. The most important thing is to find something that is comfortable for her. Take her to the gun show and have her handle a variety. I would steer clear of the compact .22 pistols, as most of them seem to have issues.
I used to own a Neos. I think it's a good entry level .22 pistol. It's much easier for a new shooter to strip and reassemble than a Ruger, but your analysis should not stop there. There are some peculiar things about the Neos as in the odd the location of its safety and mag release. Also, if you disassemble the pistol you have to be careful because the top end has two sharp points at its rear that have been known to cut people.

The thing about the Neos is that while it's a good entry level shooter, it's limited. There's not much you can do or that's available on the market to upgrade it or tweak it to what you may decide you want (aside from the Neos carbine kit). Most of the aftermarket support for .22 pistols is for the Ruger Mark I, II, & III series and the many versions of the Browning Buck Mark.

I recommend visiting:
The Ruger Mark II has been my favorite 22LR pistol, and I have owned a few 22 pistols. It is a pretty straight foward gun... Point, shoot, bang. Rarley have I had a FTF or FTE. My little 10" Ruger pistol fires just about any 22LR with a jacket, almost flawlessly, any very accurately.

Although for your purpose I would recommend a smaller barrel.

A Ruger Mark 1, 2, or a 3 (if you like the lawyer features and a better magazine release location) any of these should serve you well!

My wife liked the way my old "Walther" P22 felt when she picked it up. But as a trainer, the magazine release puts ones finger a bit close to the trigger. And this weapon left a lot to be desired on accuracy.

I would try out the Buckmark line or Mark 1/2/3 if you are looking for semi autos...

Have fun!
another +1 for the MKII. Haven't shot the MKIII models but shooting the MKII was a blast. I swear some of my old airsoft guns have more kick than the MKII. great target/plinking gun.
If you want a small lightweight gun the Walther P22 is a worth looking at. I particularly want one because its easy to attach a suppressor to, without having to go to a machinist to thread it.

I have shot the Ruger mk II and mkIII many times. Personally I prefer the mk III because its what they currently sell, I love the hunter version with long fluted stainless steel barrel. Also the magazine release is traditionally where I prefer it on the left side of the handle. THe mk II has the European style on the bottom and I cant stand that release style, personally.

Just bring her into a gunshot and stick with the big names in the business and you should be fine. But definitely check out the Ruger MKIII series they they have a lot of different versions depending on taste.

Good luck!
can't beat the ruger, natural pointer for me, accurate, my favorite was a standard auto 4" fixed sight model that I sold years ago regretably.
Another vote for Ruger, specifically the 22/45. Gives a good balance and feel since it is not too heavy or long. Its my wife's favorite gun. I'll be loading up my 9mm magazines and she'll have already burned through a box of .22's. :)
You might also consider a conversion unit if there is one available for your 9mm pistol.
I agree that a ruger is about the best gun out there, but is she has small hands put a walther P22 in her hand. My wife LOVES hers. I think it is O.K.. The S&W 422 is great if you can find one. The browing buckmark is also great. I would let her decide.
Smith and wesson 22a, I shoot 1 all the time my neices and nephews like it alot grips seems to be ok for smaller hands as well. I use it for my steel match so mine has seen 1000's of rounds with out issue.Cabelas has put them on sale 2 times in the last year for 199.00 good deal imo. The ruger mark I,II, III or the 22/45 is also a rock solid choice..
Ruger mark series for auto's, Ruger single six for SA and S&W K22 for DA would be good reliable choices. All these can be found for a reasonable price on the used market and generally hold or increase their value.
I went with the Browning Buckmark. 100% satisfied.
I love my Buckmark, I've put around 15000 rounds through it, and it is fun to shoot and accurate as heck. But stripping the gun down is a bear. If you don't want to clean from the muzzle side you have to take it all apart. I don't mind doing this, but someone else might not like it.
Smith and wesson 22a, I shoot 1 all the time my neices and nephews like it alot grips seems to be ok for smaller hands as well. I use it for my steel match so mine has seen 1000's of rounds with out issue.Cabelas has put them on sale 2 times in the last year for 199.00 good deal imo. The ruger mark I,II, III or the 22/45 is also a rock solid choice..

We have a 22A, fairly accurate but ours is picky on ammo, the mini mags or the equivalent blazer cartridges are reliable. The mags are easy to load with low spring tension and an external finger push down, nice feature for girls. I've never much liked the sights as the gap and front are very wide, however it does take a pistol scope on it's built in rail. We have the 5" barrel on ours but it comes both shorter and longer. Our pistol destroys its recoil buffer every thousand rounds but they are cheap and it came with a spare.

Not bad expecially if you can get one for $200.

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