Which 1911 would you choose for concealed carry?

An extension of CharlesAFerg's post, I'd like to hear opinion's on 1911s for concealed carry.

I'm not too familiar with these other than reading about them, though I've fired a full size Kimber and liked it (found it very accurate). I've been gravitating towards the Kimber Ultra Carry, though I've read (on forums) that there are reservations about reliability.

I'm leaning to

Which 1911 to you carry? Why? Confident of it's reliability? What do like/hate about it?


Bonus Question - What's the difference between Kimber Ultra Carry II and Ultra Covert II other than double price??
I've carried a Colt 1991 and a Kimber Custom II in .40. I would carry either of them again, and while I've never carried anything smaller I do like how the full size guns carry.

Then again, I carry a G17 year round :)
Too big, especially if you want any real capacity (I think, i'm not THAT familiar, and haven't any experience with the compacts) safety on with hammer cocked, controls too far out for my grip/hands (on all that I've laid hands on) etc.
just not my thing.
in the winter I carry a Kimber ultrac carry II in stainless. its small enough to hide under winter wear and also strong enough to penetrate winter wear....
(lol I said penetrate..heeheheh)
and they arent as heavy as many other things one could carry.
I have an Officer's model, but its more for show than go. It is 100 percent reliable and the controllability is not a problem. I have heard of and personally seen problems with the compact Kimbers but you can say that about any gun. I don't think its a design flaw, you just have to figure out which loads work with your individual pistol. This is true for any make or model firearm. The beauty of the 1911 design is the ability to customize it to fit your specific needs. Grip safety, slide release, regular safety, stocks, sights and magazine release can all be tailored to your liking. If you want something out of the box ready, you might look at the new S&W as well as the other contenders.


my ultra ten had a rough start then sorted itself out, but a 3" barrel just didn't handle or shoot as well for me, the muzzle blast was more pronounced and the shorter slide doesn't conceal any better than a 4 1/4". You could look at a kimber Compact, it has the same shorter frame but a 4 1/4" barrel, but the recoil control system is weak requiring the spring to be replaced every 800 rounds or so.

As you move up the Kimber price scale you are paying for more bells and whistles, not more or better fitting. I've had 4 of their "custom shop" guns ( gold combat, pro elite, original eclipse and original CDP) and they not assembled or fitted any better than any of their regular guns ( and I've been through many of them)

Personally, I'd buy a Springfield, Dan Wesson, S&W or Colt before a Kimber again.
I like to carry my Kimber Pro Carry. Of course I like to rotate several different guns. For 1911s though the Pro Carry is nice because of the weight savings with the aluminum frame. The Ultra Carry would have that same benefit. I personally just like the commander sized 1911s most (full length grip frame, shorter 4-4.5" barrel/slide). If I get another Kimber it will likely be a Pro CDP. The CDPs are made in the Kimber custom shop and have a melt treatment to all the edges. It is probably unneeded but they look damn nice. The Pro Carry is about the most affordable though. I may consider getting a Stainless Pro Carry some time in the future also. I doubt I'd get a Stainless HD. They have stainless slides and frames and might be nice for shooting but heavier for carry.

Sometimes I carry an officer's size 1911 and the shorter grip frame does help prevent printing a little more than a full size frame, but mine is an RIA Compact and it's heavy compared to the Pro Carry.

If you do get an Ultra or Pro Carry, or any aluminum framed 1911, I recommend getting Wilson Combat magazines, or similar, to protect the frame. I previously used the old style Kimber and Chip McCormick mags in mine and don't see any excessive wear on the frame but I have seen pictures of guns that look pretty torn up. Get magazines that don't have the sharp points on the followers that can dig into the frame.
I carry a Colt Government or Commander XSE every day. Holster option is the key. :) Im a big Colt 1911 fan.
+1. The proper belt and holster combination make carrying a full-size or Commander-size 1911 pretty easy in most envirnonments. The thin frame also contributes to its easy carry characteristics. Much easier (at least for me) to conceal than a doublestack 40 or 9 mm. I seldom leave home without a Combat Commander or full-size 1911.
Thank you to all the responders!! This why this is my favorite online destination. I now have some direction for further research.

I think I will pursue something with a full grip, but a compact aluminum frame, possibly a Kimber CDP, and it looks like Wilson mags are a must. I have a feeling holster selection will require a bit of trial and error though. I've seen good things about the Milt Sparks.

Once again, I truly appreciate the insight.

Best Regards,

I've carried a Springfield micro-compact (3" barrel) in .45 for quite a while. I use a DeSantis IWB holster. The thing I've found with 1911s in IWB rigs is to buy one that shields your skin from safety, hammer, slide serrations etc.
Currently I'm carrying a Kimber Pro Carry TLE/RL on a OWB holster. A light weight vest keeps it hidden or I carry a Colt Government in a IWB. Both are very comfortable to carry and easy to hide on my medium size frame. The thin slide and single stack mag make it a real pleasure. 9 rounds should do the trick... I have yet to find a good way for me to carry a extra mag...
... I have yet to find a good way for me to carry a extra mag...
For light cover garments, you might try a mag pouch from The Wilderness in horizontal configuration. I have one and it disappears in plain sight. I usually carry two spare mags in a regular leather pouch from Milt Sparks, but sometimes clothing makes that difficult. The little wilderness pouch is excellent for those times when only light cover is appropriate. You can find them at http://thewilderness.com
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