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where to find ar 15 iron sights

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by OR_VARMINT_HUNTER, Feb 9, 2011.



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    Any one know any where in portland beaverton area that stocks ar 15 folding sight? And gas blocks with the rail on top?
  2. spengo

    spengo GLORIOUS CASCADIA Active Member

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    I would avoid the gas blocks with a rail on the top, but only cuz I think they are butt ugly. Either get a low profile gas block and an extended rail system or stick with the A2 front sight. The A2 front sight is not in the way of a red dot and is invisible with a scope. Also, whatever gas block you end up choosing, stay away from anything clamp-on or with set screws. Screws can work their way out and loctite is no good in this case because the gas block heats up enough during firing to render even red loctite moot. Also, if the clamp is not designed well it can be torqued. Taper pins are the only way to attach a gas block imo.

    Anyway, as for folding sights in Beaverton, I'd check out the new GUN STORE place on Beaverton-Hillsdale. It is located somewhere between the New Seasons and the Valley Theater on the south side of the road. I saw some from Midwest Industries and some Magpul polymer ones (do not put Magpul flip up sights on a gas block, they will melt) in the store. Both of those will work well (unless you stick the Magpul one on a gas block lol). If you want something top quality I'm sure they can order you some Troy or KAC or whatever flip up sights.
  3. jimwsea

    jimwsea Vancouver, Washington state Active Member

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    ▼ Northwest Armory
    12632 SE Mcloughlin Blvd # 1
    Portland, OR 97222-7744
    (503) 654-7974

    I got a front gas block and rear folding sights there a year or so ago. These were metal.