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Where to buy a WASR ak underfolder

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by USMC0811, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. USMC0811

    USMC0811 Seattle area Member

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    SCTSQRL Phil Knight Land Member

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    It may have been beat to death here and elsewhere, but if you're going to grab a WASR without getting your hands on it before paying, Henderson Defense is the only way to go with any modicum of certainty towards quality. Link: *click*

    As has also been said elsewhere, an under-folder may not be the greatest choice for a first WASR - they look great, sure, but they bang you up a little, and the stocks aren't as durable as they could be. I've heard alot of better reviews of the Yugo M70 underfolders, to boot - wouldn't know anything about that personally. First and only WASR is an underfolder, but if I had it to do again (which I suppose isn't unreasonable at their price point) I'd go for a side folder - more upgrade options, same profile.
  3. unionguy

    unionguy Portland Active Member

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    I'd spend the extra $50 bucks or so and get a Yugo M70...its the best "cheap" (under $500) AK build I've ever seen. I love mine...I have both the fixed and the folder...in fact, only two AK's that I kept. I sold off my wASR10 fixed and a Vector fixed. Good luck!
  4. Ranger90

    Ranger90 Helvetia, Oregon Active Member

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    A Yugoslavian AK47 is generally known to be a higher quality rifle, but at the same time they are heavier and don't have chrome lined barrels, so in the long run, I would recommend a Bulgarian AK47 as it offers that same higher quality manufacturing process, but at a lighter weight and with a chrome lined barrel. Honestly though either one of those rifles is better than a Romanian variant, which are generally known to be low end rifles and wouldn't hold up to the same punishment. Honestly when it comes to the AK47 a little bit extra ($50 to $150 more in most cases) can make a world of difference in terms of both accuracy and reliability.