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Where does price figure in regarding your firearm purchases?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. PlayboyPenguin

    PlayboyPenguin Pacific Northwest Well-Known Member 2016 Volunteer

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    When you are choosing a firearm where does price figure in to the equation? If I am buying a gun for self defense of any kind (IE: camping gun, carry gun, HD gun) it is last on the list. I rate/choose them by...

    1. reliability
    2. durability
    3. system (DAO? SAO?)
    4. size
    5. build material
    6. weight
    7. appearance
    8. price

    Now if I am just buying it as a collectors item or a safe queen I go buy...

    1. price
    2. appearance
    3. build material
    and so on...

    Safe queens do not have to be that reliable so price factors in way more on them.
  2. mistershipwreck

    mistershipwreck Beretta City, Texas Member

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    It just depends. Admittedly, there are some guns I want that probably will always be out of my price range. But usually, I just buy what I want. I'll save up and/or sell something to pay for it...

    Over the years, I have bought and sold guns... Selling something I don't use that much to buy another gun I really want. Out of all the guns I have sold, I only regret selling 1. All the others... No big deal... I could always re buy them again if I ever wanted one again.

    I do have two expensive 1911s - I sorta worked my way up the 1911 food chain over the years to end up with what I have....
  3. spengo

    spengo GLORIOUS CASCADIA Active Member

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    1. reliability (this includes build quality and durability imo)
    2. how well it fits me (balance, weight, controls placement, feel of trigger, etc.)
    3. appearance
    4. price

    I don't buy safe queens. If what I want is out of my price range, I save my money. I don't like to settle for second best, it will always leave me wanting what I originally wanted anyway.
  4. MA Duce

    MA Duce Central Oregon Well-Known Member

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    When I buy any tool, functionality and durability count highest. Price does enter into the equation, but it is usually not the determining factor. I own a few "collectibles", but they are family items that have come down to me from my forebearers.....and not available at any price.
  5. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy between springfield and shelbyville Well-Known Member

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    I already have all of my essential guns. Whatever I buy now is just for fun.

    When I buy a gun that is just for fun, I factor in two things.

    In order

    1:Nifty factor
    2: Price
  6. boxer13

    boxer13 PNW Active Member

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    Only two things factor in and thats price vs. performance (performance is a large all encompassing category for me)

    Basically bang for my buck whilst having all I need/want from whatever current weapon I am buying.
  7. keystir

    keystir Hillsboro, OR Active Member

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    It's relative. Depends on how much money I have at the time.
  8. smurf hunter

    smurf hunter Auburn, WA Active Member

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    Agreed. I have no interest in paying $1500 for 99.99999% reliability/performance when I can give up a few "9s" and save $1000.
    Obviously this stuff is subjective, so even more reason to not overspend for something that will solve the problem.

    I think some people are exaggerating when they say price isn't a factor.
  9. spengo

    spengo GLORIOUS CASCADIA Active Member

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    Oh yeah... I forgot about that. Right now I don't have any guns that I just got for the nifty factor. There are a few I am sort of interested in though. Price plays a bigger role here, I'd say it's tied with the nifty factor. The extreme example would be people that spend $8k on a Barrett M82 or full autos. Not that I have any problem with those people... as long as they let me try it out. :D I just don't have that much disposable income for a "nifty" toy.

    I like to keep the extra 9's personally. $1000 just means wait a month while I save money. :)

    The only time when price comes into play for a firearm I plan on using for self defense or competition is when two guns are tied for everything else and the only difference between the two is price (Like when there are two equally top-quality AR-15s but one manufacturer has a sale).
  10. hammertime

    hammertime Oregon Member

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    1. Desire
    2. Appearance - could swap with #1
    3. Price
  11. smurf hunter

    smurf hunter Auburn, WA Active Member

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    I fully respect that choice. I have a young family, and thus a reduced "hobby" budget, so I must make adjustments at times.
  12. jordanvraptor

    jordanvraptor Oregon City, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    There is no magic criteria formula for me. I either want it or I don't. I can afford it or I can't. I did just spend $500 for a Smith and Wesson 386 Night Guard. It was a steal at this price for these Scandium revolvers so I couldn't resist. Did I really want it? No, but the price was right.
  13. ejmpnu92

    ejmpnu92 Hillsboro, Or Active Member

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    Does it catch my eye?
    Do I already have one?
    (if yes) Do I want another one?
    (If no) Do I want one?
    Can I reload for it?
    How much is the ammo?
    What is the price?(monetary)
    (there would be the wife price, but not married so not something I can price yet, or really need to think about)
    Can I make rent/mortgage?
    Do I need to eat this week?
    Am I going to miss my morning coffee?
    Do I have room in the safe?
    (if not, may need to buy another safe before buying another firearm)
    Where did I leave my checkbook/cash/debit card?

    Although most of my collection is in a safe(s) I don't purchase them for that, they all need to be reliable, in working order(except for the ones I am refinishing) and able to shoot.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2011
  14. Sawdust

    Sawdust Bull Mountain(Tigard), OR Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    Quality/reliability first, second and third.

    I don't look at as a price so much as value.
  15. das_napeth

    das_napeth Snohomish, WA Member

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    For me it all depends on what the "abnormal" factor is. It also helps when pay is $1800 a month in summer vs. pretty much unemployment in the winter.
  16. rodell

    rodell Newcastle, WA Active Member

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    I'm with sawdust, value is key. The price, by itself, doesn't figure very much.

    Of course, when presented with a "screaming deal", price suddenly makes me consider value.
  17. orygun

    orygun West Linn Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Many times price is #1. If I see a gun that I like, knowing that it IS NOT a pile of crap and the price is low enough for it to be a "steal", I'll buy it.

    Like someone else posted, I have all of my essential guns. The rest are just "toys".
  18. Mark W.

    Mark W. Silverton, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I buy firearms I want. Weither it's because Dad had one and I didn't inherit it or a preceived need for a type of hunting. Or something I think is something I would enjoy shooting.

    As to defending the house. Well I already got those and they were both aquired in trades and not gone looking for.

    And everything I buy has to get by PRICE first.
  19. raftman

    raftman Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I don't really have an ordered list, I try to look at everything at the same time, so price ranks equally with factors like reliability, size, weight, DAO v DA/SA etc. I don't think you have to spend more to get an a decent gun. My Arcus 98DAC shoots more reliably and more accurately than my friend's S&W 1911. Not bad for an Eastern European pistol that comes at 1/3 the price.
  20. cyclesarge

    cyclesarge Eugene OR, DUH! We're ALL in the NORTHWEST Well-Known Member

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    So you buy cheap guns for your collectors or safe queens?:confused:

    Personally, I decide what I want based on, reliability, durability, system (DAO? SAO?), size, build material, weight, appearance in no particular order then try to find the best deal. I'm certainly not gonna figure out what I want and they pay $100 more than I need to because it fits my need.