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So, following what is going down in the bond market got me to thinking about this question: where do you get your financial news? I've got a small list that I check everyday that was culled from various sources over the years. Though I am most certainly am open to new options. (Though I don't do the fringe sources. Not that I had much doubt, but ignoring the conspiracy bullplop during the early stages of the Great Recession, and getting in low cost, has done us well over the last decade plus.)

Thanks for sharing. :)
Very poor, broke and running on fumes. About the only stuff I did watch and read is the Nightly Business Report on my computer and the Wall Street Journal newspaper at the local library. Now it is just the DJIA, oil prices along with precious metals. It would be wise for me to start doing this again.


Depends on if I have time for day trading or just swing trading. I like StockTwits when I am really active as I like the opinion of a few select people on stocks, positions, entry and exit points ect.
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