Where did the differing tiers of supporting vendors go?

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    Where did the differing tiers of supporting vendors go?
    As one who specializes in 1 specific platform, the Saiga-12, I can justify $25.00 a month for a business presence here, with the amount of revenue I take in from the site however, not $75.00 per month.
    I generally don't get more than 1 sale a month from this site, so at $75.00 per month it would be free-work.
    At $25.00 per month, I can justify keeping it going simply for a presence in Oregon.
    99% of my business comes from the Saiga-12 forum, because I'm the best in the world at what I do to the parts I deal with on the S-12.

    It seems the tiers have changed on the donations page?
    Is there somewhere else where the different prices are for simple access to run 3 threads in the supporting vendors ad area, or does Pauly just say goodbye to Northwest Firearms?

    I mean I can see a rate increase every so often, but a 300% rate increase???
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    The SV rates have increased to reflect our traffic, which is on average 2.4 million page views from 260,000 unique visitors. This is the first rate increase we've had since the site launched in 2008. As the site grows, so do our costs. We came to the $75/mo. figure by doing extensive market research of comparable websites of this size, then cut that price by a minimum of 25%. At $75/mo. that is roughly 34 unique visitors and 370 impressions per penny. In addition to raising our rates, we're now including a banner ad and a dedicated Supporting Vendor section. Either way the advertising cost was going to increase, so we wanted to throw those in there to ease the rate increase.

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