To the legal fund fighting 114? Being a wa resident, I guess you could say I have no dog in this fight. But, as I've written previously, allowing tyranny to go unchecked, is enabling tyranny to prevail. If I don't to something to help secure 2A rights for my brothers and sisters across the crick, I'm no better than the OR FFLs, or private sellers who refused to serve wa residents after 07/01/22. So, where can I send my hard earned $ to support the legal fight against 114?
SAF donation page

Second Ammendment Foundation
12500 NE 10th PL
Bellevue, WA 98005
I made a donation with SAF as well.

As far as not having a dog in this fight as the saying goes....
What happens in California and Oregon ....eventually makes it way up here to Washington.
( Sad to say )
Better to fight and try to stop it now from happening...then waiting for it to happen here.

In any event anything that can be done to up overturn 114 , should be done.

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