When your firearms convert stands up for rights.........

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    So @boogerhook created this thread:
    The intense topic of if our spouses supported firearm ownership in general or our individual ownership rights.

    This happened this morning:

    My wife has her BSN (Nursing bachelors), works obviously as a nurse in the hospital. She is a mellow, soft spoken person. You wouldn't think she would hurt a fly (well she has me kill them) and has a heart of the Proverbs 31 woman. She works nights at the hospital and to top it all off she works on the Labor/Delivery & Postpartum floor.

    Yesterday she came home in the morning and told me (in all generic terms because HIPAA) about a crazier than batbubblegum (my description) patient who had a child and they had to take her down to the mental ward. Wife was telling me this because it was the most boring night she has ever had and couldn't understand why they had her come in in OT to sit as a 1 to 1 on a patient that was drugged to sleep. So that's the backstory.

    This morning some comes in waking me up from my oh not so deep sleep like she normally does when she is kicking me out of the bedroom and tells me the events of this last night at the hospital.

    So the mental patient comes up to the hospital and is going all erratic at the door to the 4th floor. This hospital like many has a completely secure baby floor. You get buzzed in and it's behind some pretty serious doors that have safety glass (the stuff with those wires going through it). So while this patient is making a ruckus my wife casually mentions to this older CNA/Phone/receptionist person that she really should leave the position where she is because it's in the direct line of fire.

    Older lady is blowing this off like it's nothing.

    Wife repeats, you should reassess your position because if she has a gun, you are in the line of fire.

    Older lady goes off on a tirade on how this is why mental people shouldn't be able to get firearms (showing COMPLETE lack of law knowledge). She cited something about that's why there is security (unarmed security at the hospital keep in mind).

    Then my wife, the calm, tender hearted person opens up a can of whoop bubblegum on her and tells her that it's not the problem that these deranged people get firearms, if they are or are not allowed because they will get them no matter what. Laws won't stop them from possessing weapons. What we need is more good people with these to be able to protect themselves.

    At this point in the conversation the leftist liberal Obummer supporter apparently had enough and wifey realized that it was never ending battle and left the old battleaxe to be in the line of sight while she moved to a safer location. Choose your own adventure book and the lady decided to stay where she was.

    Nothing happened with the crazy lady, security did their thing and the Obama supporter probably posted on her blog how she defeated an argument with a coworker with logic and reason.

    So with that said. Who else has that proud moment when you realize somebody you have converted to being pro/indifferent on firearms/self defense/personal rights stood up for themselves and asserted into a situation where they once would avoid.
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    I don't have specific examples, but my wife has become more and more vocal about her support of the 2nd amendment, and doesn't shy away from a chance to express those views to those that mouth off about their personal fear of guns and hatred of the constitution.
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    It will be a long road for me, but wifey the other day "liked" the story about the serial killer being shot with his own gun by a very determined escort. I think she said "I guess this is a good story for a change". So there is hope ;-)
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    My wife is Australian, and was ambivalent to "slightly" anti-gun, in the practical (not totally anti-gun) yet Aussie mindset of "hey, no worries mate" when we met.

    She's never had a problem with my "ever growing" collection, and has told me more than once she was glad I had my "shooter" (CCW) with me while we were out and about".

    She's now VERY pro-gun, and understands American culture/history and how our country was founded in armed revolution, sacrifice, and blood (and kept free with more of the same) unlike how Australia was founded and has a different cultural experience because of it.

    She also took to shooting my primary PDR... first two rounds to get a feel for it, then hit everything she aimed at (typical of females).

    She'll make a great U.S. citizen when she goes through the process. ;)
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    I caught my wife flipping off the TV I walked a little farther into the room and understood why. Obama was on the screen sipping wine with the President of India at some event in 2006.

    Need I say more?
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    Hahahaha.... I thought I was the only one who "yelled" at the TV. ;)
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    When I saw this title I had to laugh....my
    firearms will be disowned if they ever
    "convert out", lol.
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