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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Cheesemaker, Dec 18, 2012.

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    So, I have been wanting to build an AR. But I've been in a position that I haven't been able to do it. And now at this time, the federal gov. is thinking of telling me that I can't own one. But alas, everybody is out of stock, or not willing to hold one for me till I get to the valley to get it.

    I've been wanting to get a large caliber Semi-Auto setup, (I hate the term Assault) mostly for an investment purpose mainly. But that was before the latest round of shootings. And the wife was onboard at that time. She was cool with it. She told me to go for it. But since then, we have had some unexpected things pop up, and wipe out our savings, and cause us to use our Credit Card too much, just to survive. And I hate having CC debt, but I had to put things on hold, and AR parts was one of the many items on the list of wants, and needs. And now, since she works in the school system, she is seeing things in a very different and a personal light. And we had a very heated discussion about the purchase of any Semi-Auto purchase. I love my wife, and I don't want to do anything that will jeopardize the love and trust we have. (and she does own firearms, so she's not against, just certain ones)

    Which gotten me to thinking, the cost which is rising by the hour, a AR build would run you well over $1000, without any extra goodies. And I got buddies that have been waiting for parts at least 6 months to finish theirs. What would you buy instead? Because, I have many friends and family members that can make a bolt action rifle, shotgun, and pistol just as affective or more accurate than a semi-auto rifle in an inexperienced persons hands.

    So, I'm thinking for $1000+, I can get a bolt action rifle in a 30.06 or .308 caliber scoped, 870 12 gauge, and a nice handgun for about the same price as a AR build. What would you get? And I'm not gonna buy any SKS, or AK, even though I can get them cheaper than a AR.
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    A Savage bolt rifle in .308 with a decent scope.
    A 9mm pistol with a decent magazine capacity.
    I might lean toward a Mossberg shot gun with a two barrel package.
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    Agree with Sarge regarding the Mossberg package with both the long and short barrel, 12GA of course.

    I would also either do a Marlin Lever Action rifle in 30-30 or a Remington Bolt Action in .308.

    And I would go with a 9MM, the Ruger P95 or the S&W SD9VE.

    All of the above are quality weapons, although not high-end, and are affordable. After Background Check fees you might have a little left over for ammo.
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    Thanks for the replies, but when I posted I had been up for over 24 hours. And I forgot things.

    I got several guns, but I'm short on a couple specific styles.

    My lineup I have:
    2. Savage .300 99's
    1. Winchester model 62 .22 pump
    1. Winchester 30-30 carbine
    1. Winchester 30-30 Long Tom, with side mounted scope
    1. Marlin .32 special
    1. Marlin Carbine .357mag
    1. Remington Nylon 66 .22
    1. 10/22 stock w/3x9-40 Bushnell scope
    1. 10/22T Target stainless with same scope as stock one
    1. Colt Officers .45 ACP
    1. Ruger MKII
    1. Ruger single six w/interchangeable cyl.
    1. Charter Arms undercover .38

    I'm probably missing something, but what I don't have is a shotgun (the boyfriend chaser), bolt action center fire rifle, and I'd like to get another pistol, maybe something in a pocket size. And my dream pistol would be a 1911. The bolt action rifle would be for changing rounds, without loosing sight of the target. Whereas most lever actions, you have to generally lift/rotate the rifle to chamber a round.

    Thanks for listening to my ramblings and questions.

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