What's your take on Williams Fire Sights?

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by dragonsden73, Nov 16, 2008.

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    I got a set for my Buckmark and really like them...BUT.......

    On my first outing with them, the rear sight just disappeared! No way I could find it, but after some time they did send out a new rear sight. Then yesterday was the first day out since and the front sight disappeared. Luckily I found it and slid it back into place.

    Anyone know what I can put on the front sight to keep that from happening again without messing it up? Super glue maybe?
  2. m'kay13

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    However, I have used super glue gun parts in place before.
  3. torpedoman

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    put some staking dimples on the bottom of the sights this raises metal around the dimple to tighten them up in the dovetail and still leave them adjustable, you really dont want to glue them in the wrong position
  4. snew

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    I've called Williams 3 times. I have a Williams firesite and ghostring on a Marlin 1894 44 mag and I love it. I broke the rod and it fell out so I called them. They asked if it was the large or thin rod. I said thin and they sent one out. It was large so I called back and said I made a mistake and they sent another out. No charge. I begged to pay for it since it was my fault but they wuoldnt have any of that.

    The second time was also my fault. I bought a sight off a message board and when I received it I checked it over but forgot to put the screws back in the package and lost them. A phone call and again the parts were on their way to me free of charge.

    I love this company. I also like the sights. The broken rod didn't put me out of comission. I ws able to shoot it using the tiny ring the rod goes through to hit my target.

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