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I thought I would spring for one of those AR15> .22lr adaptor kits. :)
But, ...But... They wouldn't sell it to a Washington resident. :mad:
Lets see, what else would I like for Christmas?:rolleyes:

I really would like one of those shoulder mounted blasters from Preditor. :eek:

I checked with their sales dept.and they said they wouldn't sell the kit with 10 rnd. magazines. :(
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Bought $100 worth of scratch off tickets. Won $40!!

And bought 2 Rockstars, and got 1 for free.

It's been a good day for impulse buys.
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I bought 4 pounds of powder yesterday. I didn't "need" them, but they are two of my favorite handgun powders and they were at a good price. Plus I hadn't seen any 296 for ages.
2 = H110 and 2 = WW296.
I guess I did have a couple of impulse buys in the last week? I grabbed 4lbs of IMR4064 with free HazMat from Powder Valley. And finally, after I'd been toying with the buy for awhile, decided to get the 500 pieces of Starline .45 Colt brass, for .26/each when I saw it was in stock again.
2 Burris Fast Fire dot sights. Bought one 3MOA for the Wife's new .22. Liked the little thing so much ordered up another in 8MOA. Nice little sights, so small and light. Super simple to pop on and off too so can move them to different guns
I spent a few weeks hemming and hawing over whether I needed a Beretta 92X Performance Defensive and eventually gave in. I didn't need it, but it was too good a deal to pass up. I ordered it on Thanksgiving and was notified the following Monday that they didn't actually have any on hand, so I had to accept a refund.

I was bummed for a bit, but a few days later a Springfield Model 1888 "Trapdoor" popped up for sale and I figured that's what I needed. I did a bunch of research, picked it up, and now I'm diving down the rabbit hole and trying to gather supplies for loading .45-70. Oughta be fun!


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