More of a semi-impulse buy (or a fully semi-impulse buy?). I’ve known about CETME-L’s for a while and thought one would be kinda cool to own but not at the price they usually go for. I was looking for something else entirely and happened to see one selling new for $1025 (around 200 less than the usual going rate) so I figured I’d jump on the opportunity.

Most recent implied buy, Taurus 905, 5 shot, 9mm revolver (stock photo). And no need to tell me how horrible Taurus is, I’ve owned several Taurus revolvers over the years and never had an issue. Including a model 617 just a few years ago…
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I used to own one of those, I liked it and I’m not sure why I got rid of it. Good looking little snubby as well.
My recent impulse buy. Been missing riding since I lived in Asia and gas prices were a legitimate excuse enough for me to pull the trigger. Riding is one of my three loves right up there with firearms.

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I'm right there with you, though not nearly as new. Picking up a 2012 Ninja from a friend. I understand it is the ZX-6R model (picture from the internet). Even if it's just the 650, can't beat the deal.


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