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Want to hear from those of you that have had more experience than me on this subject. I've not owned one and don't have anything to go on.
I want an all around fun and reliable plinker. I'm looking at the Buckmark, the Mosquito...?
Please don't diss. on one brand over the other...just your experience.


PS. Just noticed Starships thread about a similar subject. you can still comment here though. Thanks again.
I like the ruger single six. I love the traditional revolver look and feel and if you want a bigger bang every now and then you can switch out the cylinder and shoot .22 mag. Also, you don't have to worry about cycling issues in some of the semi-auto .22's.
Many people will post about the Ruger or the Buckmark.

I have shot many .22 pistols, and I think I like the Mosquito the best. I have never been a Sig fan, but the Skeeter is really fun to shoot.

Has Sig tuned the Mosquito in the past few years. I browsed the Firing Line forum the other day and a lot of people weren't happy with it in the early 2000s'.
I also noticed your add for the GSG...hmmmm. pretty tempting.

About three weeks ago a got an Advantage Arms conversion for my Glock and love it. It will malfunction after about 100 rounds if I don't run a boresnake through it (which is great for malfunction training sense all my other handgun seem to never malfunction). This is the first .22 hand gun I have owned ( or part time .22 ) and wish I had done it years ago.
I HAD a Mosquito which just had too many faults (finicky on ammo, funky controls, 2 manual safeties(?), mis-aligned barrel threading) I liked the ergonomics but the minuses were not worth the pluses. I have shot a friends Ruger MarkII quite a bit and really like that, but got a Buckmark (because the non-registered upper for suppressor use) and haven't looked back since. I cannot remember a single malfunction in probably close to 500 rounds of varied ammo (suppressed and not), not to mention the WAY better trigger. If I were shopping for a .22 handgun again I'd look at all the standards (Ruger, Buckmark,S&W etc) and leave the exploring newer designs (Mosquito, Walther, GSG, etc) to people with more $$$ or time to mess around with experimenting.

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