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    I am Oregoinian with a carry permit. I like guns and spend time every day fooling around at my hobby. I buy and sell gun's from my collection and my philosophy is since I can't own them all I try to enjoy as many as I can. That's why I'm always trading and hopefully trading up. It really chaps my arse when I have to pay for a BG check every time I buy a gun. Don't these idiots have computers? Why in helll should I have to buy a BG check for a pistol on Monday and another for a rifle the next day. If the Government wasn't running this fiasco it would be considered a scam. Ken in Corvallis
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    If you're buying from the same shop, get them at the same time, one check.

    OR has flip flopped on the CHL in lieu of BG check....15 years ago a CHL would cover you, then they changed it. It's a money maker for them anyway, buy a gun in WA....feds do the BG for free...they would do that here too, but the OSP sees it as "free money".
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    One would think that would be the logical choice but with used guns going for the same price and even more than new it seems pointless.
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    Or, and this is just me whistling in the dark here, get together with your fellow Oregonians and tell your political types to stop this nonsense. The FFL can call NICS directly and get the OSP out of the loop....they just do it for revenue, it doesn't make the state "safer" somehow.
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    From 2009: See the part about 2007? 146,000 instant checks at $10 per?
    That's $1,460,000 in revenue, 4 years ago.

    One of the reasons I originally got my CHL in the late 80's was to bypass the
    background check/wait period. Now I have it for different reasons!

    2009 Regular Legislative Session
    Prepared by the Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office
    MEASURE NUMBER: HB 2644 STATUS: Original
    SUBJECT: Exempts transferor of firearm from performing criminal background check under certain
    PREPARED BY: Tim Walker
    REVIEWED BY: Doug Wilson
    DATE: March 5, 2009
    2009-2011 2011-2013
    Oregon State Police – Other Funds $ (380,584) $ (507,445)
    EFFECTIVE DATE: January 1, 2010
    GOVERNOR’S BUDGET: This bill is not anticipated by the Governor’s recommended budget.
    LOCAL GOVERNMENT MANDATE: This bill does not affect local governments' service levels or
    shared revenues sufficient to trigger Section 15, Article XI of the Oregon Constitution.
    ANALYSIS: This bill would allow a transferor of a fireman to bypass the criminal background check if
    the recipient has a current Oregon concealed handgun license (CHL).
    The Oregon State Police (OSP) currently charges $10 to perform a criminal background check for a
    firearm purchase. OSP completed approximately 146,000 background checks in 2007. There are
    approximately 138,000 CHL holders in the state. OSP randomly sampled 200 firearms transaction
    requests and approximately 28% of the transactions involved a CHL holder. OSP estimates that by
    allowing the transfer of a firearm to a CHL holder without a criminal background check could result in
    decreased revenues for OSP. OSP anticipates a potential decrease in revenues of up to 28% or $380,584
    in 2009-11.
    Oregon is a National Firearms Instant Check site for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
    (ATF). Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) must request background checks when transferring a firearm.
    OSP handles all inquiries and transactions originating in the state. OSP queries all available federal,
    state, and local databases and then notify the FFL as to the status of the background check and whether
    the transaction can proceed. The ATF allows bypassing of the background check if the buyer has a ATF
    approved permit. It is not clear if the ATF would approve Oregon’s CHL because of its open-ended
    status. If the ATF does not approve Oregon’s CHL, then there would be no revenue impact to OSP,
    because the federal background check, through OSP, would still have to be conducted.

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