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Whats the most durable 9mm?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by taylor, May 23, 2012.

  1. taylor

    taylor Willamette Valley Well-Known Member

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    I want a 9mm platform to work up some 90grn 1500 fps loads. Which pistol would hold up best to alot of this firing?
  2. nwo

    nwo Southern Oregon Well-Known Member

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    That is a good question.

    In my opinion, Ruger P series pistols are durable. They are built like tanks, and work remarkably well.

    I am sure there are others that would fit what you are looking for, but "Ruger" and "durability" go together in my opinion.
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  3. Bill Siegle

    Bill Siegle Oregon Active Member

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    Ruger or an HK USP immediately strike me as tough overbuilt guns. I am sure FNs, Glocks, and steel framed S&Ws would hold up fine too.
  4. mat33

    mat33 Portland, OR Active Member

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    Ooh, one of these threads. Gigiddy, I'll bite. The pictures on the internets of semi auto failures from hot loads (vs high round count) seem to be in the chamber and not the slide or frame. This would seem to indicate that a shorter barrel would be safer because you can't build as much pressure, but then you'll need a hotter load to get your velocity, so maybe bad idea. Longer (heavier) slides will also be more forgiving to varying operating pressures. How do we get you the strongest barrel to prevent failure at the chamber? I'd suggest looking for traits that would make it stronger. That'd be heavier weight, thicker wall, better case head support (steeper feed ramp), and some sort of heat treatment with an exotic name. For the rest of the gun, just slap the heaviest spring on it you can find to reduce wear. Be careful, this is all medieval conjecture.
  5. jake2far

    jake2far Portland Active Member

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    Buy a Glock 22 in 40SW, replace the barrel with a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel. The barrel offers excellent case support, it is made from heat treated 400 series Stainless Steel, the barrel diameter is larger than a Glock17 which means a stronger barrel from material and size, and the rifling is standard which should also help.
    Best of both worlds, 2 for the price of one. 9mm and 40 SW.

  6. jonn5335

    jonn5335 Longview Active Member

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    This is why I bought a beretta 92

    The most tested and trusted personal defense weapon in history.
    The 92FS, designated M9 by the U.S. Military, not only meets or exceeds all U.S. Military testing guidelines, it totally rewrites them.
    • The average reliability of all M9 pistols tested at Beretta U.S.A. is 17,500 rounds without a stoppage.
    • During one test of twelve pistols fired at Beretta U.S.A. before Army supervision, Beretta-made M9 pistols shot 168,000 rounds without a single malfunction.
    • The Beretta 9mm pistol was the most reliable of all pistols tested in the 1984 competition which resulted in the award of the M9 contract to Beretta.
    • Two-thirds of all M9 pistols endurance tested at Beretta U.S.A. fired 5,000 rounds without a single mal function or, at most, with only one malfunction.
    • The average durability of Beretta M9 slides is over 35,000 rounds, the point at which U.S. Army testing ceases.
  7. Beulah Roamer

    Beulah Roamer Oregon New Member

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    I to have a FS 92 Beretta I love it. Have owned it for over 20 yrs never has failed to function. Recently purchased an FNH FNX-9 I really like it. It's lighter & smaller than the 92, also has 2 rnd more capacity. Put a Crimson Trace CMR -201 Rail Master Sight on it. I figure any company that has a history like FNH & make things like the 50 cal BMG, 240 Bravo light machine gun & the 249 SAW for the military cannot be a bad thing. They have made Browning products for years & Winchester too.
  8. sneakboxer

    sneakboxer NW OR Active Member

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  9. Mr. Ben

    Mr. Ben Snohomish Co. Active Member

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    I've owned mine for less than 2 weeks, and I love it.

    Edit: the 92fs (M9A1)
  10. BANE

    BANE Battle Ground WA. Well-Known Member

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    Hk usp, glock 17 , walther p99as. These are great options.
  11. Steve06

    Steve06 Oregon Active Member

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    I don't know if high round count is any indicator but I have read of Glocks, Sigs and H&K's with over 500,000 rounds through them. But that doesn't speak of how massive the action is. I would say it would be impossible to wear out a Ruger Redhawk.
  12. errackeleo

    errackeleo None Member

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    Sig P226. It should have beat out the Beretta in the military trials when they selected the 92f as the new service pistol for the military. It was a cost issue. Beretta beat the bid by $50.00 a unit. The Navy Seals selected the Sig P226 anyway. When it has to work every time cost isn't an issue I guess.
  13. Crispy

    Crispy WA Member

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    Hands down, Sig or Glock and maybe a few others like the Smith's, EAA, DE, CZ ect. I understand how some lean towards the Beretta, but they have a crap ton of parts and the locking blocks in particular are fragile in my experience.
  14. DieselScout

    DieselScout S Clackamas County Well-Known Member

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  15. Abiqua

    Abiqua Oregon Active Member

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    Uzi. Built like a tank and likes the hot stuff.
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  16. Skang

    Skang WA Well-Known Member

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    90gr? I would go with compact or sub-compat model.

    Not sure if full size, longer barrel will cycle with 90gr.

    So, M&P Shield?
  17. SynapticSilence

    SynapticSilence Battle Ground, WA Well-Known Member

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    Pretty much any firearm that has been awarded NATO D14 certification. The ones that come to mind are the CZ P01 and my latest purchase, a Caracal (made in the United Arab Emirates, who are our strongest allies in the Middle East for those who want to start Arab bashing just for the fun of it). Here's the standards listed by CZ-USA that the P01 had to pass to be awarded NATO certified status.
    The pistol must be 100% reliable in extreme conditions, the following is a list of some of the minimum requirements.

    Must be able to complete the following without failure:

    4000 dry firings
    3000 De-cockings
    Operator level disassembly 1350 times with out ware or damage to components.
    Complete disassembly 150 times, this is all the way down, pins, springs etc.
    100% interchangability, any number of pistols randomly selected, disassembled, parts mixed and reassembled with no failures of any kind including loss of accuracy.

    Safety requirements:

    Drop test
    1.5 meter (4.9”) drop test, this is done 54 times with the pistol loaded (blank) and the hammer cocked. Dropping the pistol on the butt, the muzzle, back of the slide, sides of the gun, top of the slide, in essence, any angle that you could drop the gun from. This is done on concrete and 0 failures are allowed! A failure is the gun firing.

    3meter drop (9.8”) 5 times with the pistol loaded (blank) and the hammer cocked, This is done on concrete and 0 failures are allowed! A failure is the gun firing.

    After these tests are complete the gun must fire without service.

    The factory contracted an independent lab to do additional testing on guns that previously passed the drop tests. These pistol were dropped an additional 352 times without failure.

    The pistol must also complete an environmental conditions test:
    This means cold, heat, dust/sand and mud.
    The pistol must fire after being frozen for 24 hours at –35C (-36F).
    The pistol must fire after being heated for 24 hours at 70C (126F)
    The pistol must fire after being submerged in mud, sand and combinations including being stripped of oil then completing the sand and mud tests again.

    Service life:
    The service life requirement from the Czech police was 15,000 rounds of +P ammo!
    The pistol will exceed 30,000 rounds with ball 9mm.

    The reliability requirements for the P-01 pistol are 99.8%, that’s a .2% failure rate.
    This equals 20 stoppages in 10,000 rounds or 500 “Mean Rounds Between Failure” (MRBF)
    During testing, the average number of stoppages was only 7 per 15,000 rounds fired, this is a .05% failure rate, a MRBF rate of 2142 rounds! Over 4 time the minimum acceptable requirement.
    The U.S. Army MRBF requirement is 495 rounds for 9mm pistols with 115 grain Ball ammunition.
  18. Rich7944

    Rich7944 Kent, Wa. Active Member

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    Not a standard Glock!
    The Glock barrels can't handle the stress of +P loads round after round, there are plenty of video's to prove it. If you do go with a Glock add the LW barrel in 9mm to either the G22 or G23.
  19. Steve06

    Steve06 Oregon Active Member

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    I had a Glock 19 break a part during a rapid fire training session. That is how I learned the value of a backup.