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I moved out of my apartment last month, I broke my lease 6 months early and and had to pay thousands in early termination fees. But I held up my end of the lease and paid up. Today I called and asked the landlord about the deposit as I gave my keys on May 30th and have heard nothing since then.

They told me that their computer system crashed a few days ago so they are behind on everything and it may take another week or so..

Its no big deal to me BUT just out of curiosity I googled WA Rental Deposit Laws and I came across this website which appears quite legitimate.

Reading though I found this section in reguards to deposites:
Deposit Requirement

A landlord may require a deposit to ensure that the tenant takes care of the unit and complies with the terms of the rental agreement. Deposit requirements cannot be discriminatory, nor may a deposit be increased to retaliate against a tenant. A nonrefundable fee cannot be called a "deposit." A refundable damage or security deposit must be distinguished from nonrefundable cleaning fees.

If a deposit or nonrefundable fee is charged, the lease or rental agreement must be in writing, and must include the terms and conditions under which any deposit will be returned. A deposit cannot be withheld for normal wear and tear. If a tenant pays a deposit, the landlord must provide a document describing the condition of the rental unit. The landlord is required to keep deposits in a trust account, and must also provide the tenant with a receipt and the name and address of the depository. Any interest earned on a deposit belongs to the landlord.

The landlord has 14 days after a tenant moves out to return a deposit, or give a written explanation of why it (or any part of it) was not refunded. If a landlord does not comply, the full amount of the deposit must be refunded to the tenant, regardless of any claims by the landlord that the tenant is not entitled to a refund.

Today is business day 15 (not including the holiday). I know I had several hundred in cleaning fees and other possible fees for touch up paint from pictures nails and such.

What would you do, save yourself hundreds in cleaning fees and fight them (if the above is law true) or be a softy and cut them a break because their computers are broken?

Hold them to it.

Start calculating interest on it. Certified letter saying date has come and gone, interest of xx% has been building since.. Day/Month/Year

Put them in a sweat....

Law is law. I hate rental companies. When its' an individual sure but the company... piss on em.
They held you to the contract, and it cost you thou$and$. You are at least entitled to hold them to the law. It will only co$t them hundred$

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