OFF ALERT What Will They Screw Up Next?

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    We hope you had a happy Independence Day.

    The Legislative session is just about over with one gun bill left in play.

    SB 315 passed out of the House on Friday after a peculiar floor debate with discussion of House Rep Brian Clem’s suspension from high school for...bringing a handgun on a field trip.

    The bill was first passed with only one Republican vote, House Rep Julie Parrish. Then later, after the bill was passed, three Republicans abandoned ship and joined the anti-gun Democrats by changing their votes from “no” to “yes.”

    They were John Davis, Andy Olsen and Vic Gilliam.

    As you know, 315 started as a bill dealing with the transfer of used gun sales records. (All used gun sales conducted by Oregon dealers must be registered with the local police.) But in the aftermath of the universal gun owner registration bill, (SB 941) 315 was gut and stuffed with language changing SB 941.

    This was done by House Rep Brian Clem. He claimed that he traded his vote in favor of universal registration for “concessions” he got from the House Speaker and Senator Floyd Prozanski. However it was not until the day he was supposed to carry the new bill on the floor that he actually read it and realized his “concessions” made the bill far worse. So he asked that it be sent to the House Rules Committee to be “fixed.”

    While the “fix” removed some of the more outrageous provisions of 315 (like the one that said if you “loaned” a firearm to a friend and that gun was stolen and used by someone else in a crime, YOU went to jail) the “fix” is still a mess that solves nothing. For example, you may now “loan” a firearm to someone “known to you” for up to 7 days. You still have to conduct a background check but under this bill you can do it yourself directly with the State Police instead of going to a gun dealer. Big deal.

    Here is what the bill does not address:

    • What happens if the gun is not returned in 7 days?
    • Must there be a background check to return the gun?
    • Can the person who “borrowed” the gun lend it to someone else?
    • Does the loaner have to keep the required paperwork after the firearm is returned?
    • Do you have to contact the State Police when the gun is returned?

    These are just some of many questions left unanswered and placing gun owners at risk as a result of this poorly thought out and hastily crafted legislation.

    Clearly, Brian Clem was sold a bill of goods. Judging by his demeanor on the floor during discussion of the bill, Clem now knows this. This is what you get when you make a “deal” with Speaker Kotek and Floyd Prozanksi.

    You can see the floor debate here. It’s almost sad to watch.

    The latest version of this messy bill must now be agreed to by the Senate. There is no telling what will happen there. But it will be soon.

    Speaking of which, there is still time to sign up for this event.

    Oregon Firearms Federation

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