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The Trace
I'd be careful when reading anything from "The Trace". They are pro-gun control and are the propaganda arm of Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety group.

The Trace is an American independent non-profit journalism outlet devoted to gun-related news in the United States. It was established in 2015 with seed money from the gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety, which was founded by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, and went live on June 19 of that year.

John Feinblatt said the idea for The Trace stemmed from the difficulties faced by Everytown for Gun Safety, where he serves as President, to obtain "information about gun violence".

The editorial news director, James Burnett said, "We do bring a point of view to the issue of gun violence: We believe there is too much of it. But our focus is on a related problem: the shortage of information on the subject at large."
The Trace (website) - Wikipedia
From their "About The Trace" page About The Trace

The Trace is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit newsroom dedicated to shining a light on America’s gun violence crisis.

"An emboldened NRA has operated largely in secrecy, while actively promoting misinformation."

"While collaborating with the Guardian on an widely cited series documenting the rise of fear-based gun ownership, we began to explore whether the increased carry of guns might be leading to more gun theft, and more weapons entering the criminal market."

Support for The Trace comes from these groups, among others:

Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund
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I thought this was interesting:

Before 2001, there was something called a “target permit” that would allow New York City residents to carry a handgun to shooting ranges and shooting competitions outside the city. But there was concern that the target permitting policy was being used to avoid other public carry restrictions. A person with a target permit caught with a gun in public could say they were traveling to a shooting range outside the city lawfully. In other words, the concern at the time — and of course, this was before Hellerwas that the ability to carry a gun to a shooting range could be used as a pretext to skirt the rest of the regulations. And that permit was then scrapped by the NYPD. A negative ruling in this case would in essence force the city to revisit that determination.
There is no logic to thisregulation -- a person could just as easily say he or she was going to one of the ranges that exist in the city. Going by the "fit" as applied by Benitez -- the regulation fits like a burlap sack because even with the regulation forbidding out of city transport in place, the exact same risk exists if the regulation is gone: with or without it, people can lie about where they are going with the gun.
This linked garbage was a very shallow piece.

The danger for gun control in this case was the cavalier attitude the 2nd Circuit took to the 2A as laid out in Heller and McDonald.

They took a core fundamental right of the people and essentially treated it to a rational basis test. The court actually said to Plaintiffs that they could buy or borrow other firearms in other jurisdictions rather than use the one the already paid for that couldn’t be transported from NYC.

And the NYC policy was backed by what? A single speculative affidavit from an employee of the licensing division. They’d never actually busted anyone using the old target permit to carry without a CC permit. Not one.

If the 2A can’t kill this stupid, stupid law, it is a dead letter. SCOTUS couldn’t put level of review teeth into the 2A with Kennedy there. That problem is over.


... The court actually said to Plaintiffs that they could buy or borrow other firearms in other jurisdictions rather than use the one the already paid for that couldn’t be transported from NYC. ....
This bothers me so much. Take two guns, same make and model built in the same lot by the same employees -- they will shoot similarly but not exactly alike. A person needs to know exactly how a gun will shoot, especially for defensive encounters where misses can endanger others.


In case it hasn't been posted already, NYC is playing games:

Licensed gun owners in New York City will soon be able to legally transport their firearm to a second home, business or any other place gun possession is permitted as a result of a rules change the NYPD announced Friday, The New York Daily News reported.

New York City Changes Firearms Transport Policy Before SCOTUS Review
NYC is hoping to avoid SCOTUS review by changing the law and making the whole case moot:

“New York City has the toughest gun laws in the country, and this rule change will ultimately help protect these laws from being rolled back,” a city official said Friday.

NYC gun owners to get looser rules on moving firearms as NYPD changes policy
Here's a list of downloadable documents filed in the case which might be interesting to watch: Search - Supreme Court of the United States. NY State Rifle and Pistol Association's response is certainly worth reading:

Respondents ask this Court to put this case on indefinite hold merely because the New York City Police Department has initiated a rulemaking process involving proposed amendments that they maintain, if adopted in their current form after public comment, may moot this case. To state the obvious, a proposed amendment is not law. ... This Court routinely grants certiorari despite the possibility that subsequent government action could move the proverbial goalposts or otherwise shape the issues being reviewed. ... What is more, the timing and circumstances of respondents’ efforts raise serious voluntary cessation concerns, as the proposed rulemaking appears to be an effort to frustrate this Court’s review, rather than a serious effort to bring the City’s regulatory regime into alignment with this Court’s decisions in District of Columbia v. Heller ... Put simply, the proposed rulemaking appears to be the product not of a change of heart, but rather of a carefully calculated effort to frustrate this Court’s review. NYSRPA response letter - FINAL.pdf


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