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What to build with a .30-06 action ...

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by rodell, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. rodell

    rodell Newcastle, WA Active Member

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    I fell into another Weatherby Mark V action. Now, I need to do something with it. This is a six lug action, originally a .30-06.

    So, I could easily do a 338-06, a 6.5-06, etc. However, I'd like to do something different that didn't require me to rework the bolt face in any significant way. I wonder if the extractor would grab a 8x68S?

    Any ideas out there?

  2. bwells

    bwells Longview Member

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    If it were me I'd probably go for a 35 Whelen, but it would depend on the intended purpose of the rifle.
  3. rodell

    rodell Newcastle, WA Active Member

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    Here's the 30-06 derivatives, directly, without looking at rim diameters and types for others. (Source: PO Ackley)

    1) .228 Ackley Magnum
    2) .230 Ackley
    3) 6mm Ackley Belted Express
    4) .243 JS
    5) .240 Super Varminter
    6) .240 Mashburn Falcon
    7) .240 Gibbs
    8) .257 Bighorn
    9) .25 Niedner (25/06)
    10) 25/06 Vickery
    11) 25/06 Ackley Improved
    12) 25/06 Mashburn
    13) .256 Newton
    14) .26 Epps
    15) 6.5/06
    16) 6.5/06 Ackley Improved
    17) .263 Sabre
    18) 6.5 ICL Boar
    19) .264 Williams
    20) .270 Winchester
    21) .270 Ackley Improved
    22) .270 ICL Jaguar
    23) .285 OKH
    24) 7MM Mashburn
    25) 7MM Ackley
    26) .280 Remington
    27) .280 Ackley Improved
    28) 30/06
    29) 30/06 ICL Caribou
    30) 30/06 Ackley Improved
    31) 8MM/06
    32) 8MM/06 Ackley Improved
    33) .338/06
    34) .338/06 Ackley Improved
    35) .35 Whelen
    36) .35 Whelen Improved
    37) .35 Brown-Whelen
    38) .375 Whelen
  4. the4thshake

    the4thshake Portland Active Member

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    The .280 Ackley has always impressed me. It would help to know what your expectations out of this rifle were.....?
  5. coop44

    coop44 Tacoma ,WA Well-Known Member

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    If I were you I'd sell it to me:Djust what I need, another project
  6. rodell

    rodell Newcastle, WA Active Member

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    For real jobs, I have them all covered. I'd like something that is just different, I'll find a use for it. I'm done carrying 10# rifles around, so, the big heavies are out. Something between 6mm and 8mm that is flat shooting, moderate recoil, and off the beaten path.

  7. Jamie6.5

    Jamie6.5 Western OR Well-Known Member

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    What do you want to do?

    Are you looking for a "thumper" suitable for west side elk? The 8MMs fill that bill pretty well, as does the .338-06. The .338-06 intrigues me the most for the velocities it will launch a 180-200gr class bullet. The '06 case works really well in the .338 caliber. The 8x57 or 8-06 wildcat works well too. The limiting factor with the 8MMs is bullet selection compared to the .338. Ackley variants of all the above make them even more effective.
    Then there is the .35 Whelen in std or Ackley.

    Or, if you are looking to "reach out and touch" your quarry at ranges beyond 300 yds, I would look at the 6MMRem, 6.5x284 or 6.5x57AI (aka 6.5x257RAI or .260AAR). The .260AAR was one of P.O. Ackley's favorites, as the AAR stands for All Around Rifle. I built one and the thing just flat shoots! (thus my Moniker) It weighs in at over 9lbs though, with the 6-18x scope.
    The 6.5s and even the 6MMs/105-115gr cartridges require lots of space in the mag due the length of the COLs when heavier/longer bullets are loaded. This makes the long action more desirable than the short or mid length actions that were originally used for them.
    Anytime you have the ability to launch a bullet with a BC above .550 at 3k fps (or more) you will find your and your scope's limitations in short order. Extreme range rifles require costs for stocks, bedding, scopes/mounts and barrels that are often overlooked in the initial planning stages of a rifle build.
    Sometimes you get lucky with standard stuff, and/or can score on used stuff if you are patient and are willing to spend a lot of time looking. But when looking to "reach out," be prepared to pay the piper to reach the cartridge's potential. Then there is the D-I-Y aspect if you like to tinker and are willing to read and learn.

    Just my rambling. Good luck with you choice, and if you haven't already, find a good 'smith.
  8. MountainBear

    MountainBear Sweet Home, OR Well-Known Member

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    My choice given you said you are tired of heavy rifles, would be to build a 25-06 in an ultra-light rifle. #1 contour barrel and a kevlar/fiberglass NULA type stock. MPI out of Portland probably has something that would fit that bill. Keep to small two-piece scope mounts (even aluminum in this case, although I'd have it powder coated) and a lightweight scope, and you have a heck of a mountain rifle.
    I choose .25-06 because its relatively easy to find both loaded ammo and components for and you wouldn't have to mess with the bolt face...
  9. Bigfoot

    Bigfoot Clack Co. OR Well-Known Member

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    9.3x62 or 6.5/284. Opposite directions I know.
  10. DieselScout

    DieselScout S Clackamas County Well-Known Member

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    .411 Hawk
  11. Reacher

    Reacher Molalla Member

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    Go with the 338-06; better bullet selection than the 35 Whelen, 30-06 brass is abundant, and the 338-06 carries some thump!
  12. longcolt

    longcolt Zephyrhills, FL Active Member

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    Yep, a really sweet dual purpose caliber that is very underrated. Works just fine for most of what you will do in Oregon/Washington. If you are a shooter.

    The heavy thumpers are not necessary unless you are after ole grizz or his cousin the coastal browns in AK.
  13. rodell

    rodell Newcastle, WA Active Member

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    The quarterbores have always seemed to get passed over. The .257 Roberts is a great caliber. I have a .257 Wby Mag in Mark V Ultralight - a "reach out and touch something" firearm.

    The 6.5's get the same treatment in the US. Maybe a 6.5-06. I've got to decide soon, as my slot is coming up.