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Wow I am late to respond to this thread.

1) Get a good sling. I have Blue Force Gear padded sling that is quite comfortable. You can buy non padded as well if you want.

2) Not sure if the Sig AR15 has and FSB or just a rail. If just a rail then but some good quality flip up battle sights. I like Troy flip up sights but there are numerous ones out there.

3) Get a good quality LED light too. Lots of choices for lights so do some research.

4) Buy a spare BCG, and extra gas rings and watch the YouTube videos on how to test if your gas rings need to be replaced. Having a spare BCG so you can swap it out very quickly if needed. I also have a few spare cam pins, retaining pins, firing pins as well but I have only had to replace the gas rings so far.

5) Lots of Magazines and ammo and practice and get comfortable with your AR. I have some PMags but I also some Okay Surefeed ones as well.
Assuming the role is for self defense I would equip my AR with an the following...

A red dot sight, I use Aimpoint Micros
A powerful light, I use Modlight
A sling, I use VCAS non-padded

other than than, lots of ammo, mags and training.

If it isn't for SD than I guess it doesn't matter what crap you drape on it.
A BCM recce16 or 14 is top of my list, problem is I can’t find them here in Portland and would need to order it and wait and pay more than my budget allows. So M400 is my 2nd choice and is available at a few places near me.
No one says you need to buy it all at once, in fact, that is one of the nice things about ARs. I would suggest buying a BCM upper with BCG, there are plenty available and you do not need a dealer, it will ship directly to you. Then order the lower through your dealer, you will pay less for the excise tax that way.
I would add punisher decals to the list
The irony with Punisher decals is one of my favorite things. You know, considering The Punisher was anti police and stuff.

Greek phrases also makes me laugh, especially on super macho dude setups considering the ancient Greeks supported some pretty *interesting* societal norms regarding *special time* and its male warriors.
Some KNS anti walk pins would be nice.

The extra bolt is a good idea. I have a BCM MIL spec nickel boron coated trigger group, it's nice and an affordable upgrade.

I enjoy my .22lr conversion too. Of course I bought 7k rounds of .22lr when people were mass buying toilet paper lol.

Save up for a surefire or streamlight as far as lights go. For an optic, I'm a snob so it's AimPoint for me. There is AimPoint, then there is everything else. But I also like trijicon lol.

Looks like a nice AR, may it serve you well.
To reiterate...
A. Cleaning kit--surprised they don't include these with the rifle.
1. Ammo and range time.
2. Good sling.
3. Good light.
4. Good optic.
5. Good mags - Okay, Lancer, Magpul, Brownells or the various-branded D&H--DSG usually has decent multipack deals, or watch for PSA's daily deal with "buy 10 get free shipping.
6. Maglula and stripper clips, Mag Charger or similar "loading helper"--those feedlips are not fun on your fingers after a while.
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