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What is your 300 Blackout of choice?

What is your 300 Blackout of choice?

Mine has to be the Sig Rattler with a 220grn Subsonic custom load and a Romeo 5 sight. This rig with the Griffin Recce 7 Suppressor is just the total package for me. Actually thinking of getting another one, but the Canebrake.

Since all the reloading data for 300blk I can find is done with a 9" barrel I was "forced" to also pick up a Sig Virtus with a 9" barrel. It runs great as well but stays in the safe mostly as the Rattler travels so well.

I have the parts for a home built up AR gas gun in 300blk. just need to put the time in to finish it. Going to be a hard press to beat the Rattler for me.


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We must’ve posted about the same time with the same message, we build our own.:D
Yep .
But mine is not a Pistol .
I built a 16 inch barrel .
I have shot it a bit.
Maybe 500 rounds through it.
I like the round but it is exspesive.
I paid some money and got 250 rounds of good hunting ammo for it .
And got a bunch of bulk ammo for Targets.
That have used up almost all of it.
Care to share your 90 gr sub load? I am guessing trailboss powder?
Was wondering the same thing. Bolt guns are great for silent running and no worries of cycling. With the ballistics for the 300blk with a 9" optimized barrel, it would be a kick to make a micro bolt gun with an integrated suppressor to keep it 16". Hmmmmm I like the minimum sound of this. I would have to sacrifice a suppressor or the burden of an SBR. Hmmm.


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