I am wanting to sell some of my grandfathers guns. The guns are registered in WA I live in Oregon and my grandfather has passed away. What are the steps that are needed to process this legally and with out a lot of hassle? Thanks in advance for your help.

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There isn't any registration in Oregon. But you may have to have an FFL transfer them for you from Washington to an FFL in Oregon. Which would require you to do a background check in Oregon to take receipt of them.

I've been informed from 2 dealers now, that long guns wouldn't require the FFL to transfer. You just take receipt of them as long as you are able to legally own a firearm in Oregon. But pistols would require an FFL to transfer for you.

I think I got that right, someone proof me on this?
Your question is on selling, you don't have to do anything except sell to someone living within the same state as the firearms are currently located or do an FFL to an out of state buyer.

One answer given above appears to be addressing how you get the guns from WA to OR which you've either already done or shouldn't need to do if you can keep them in WA till sold. It's the crossing of state lines while transferring ownership that you have to be careful of, the guns are not registered.
Were they bequeathed to you?

§ 178.29 Out-of-State acquisition of firearms by nonlicensees.

No person, other than a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector, shall transport into or receive in the State where the person resides (or if a corporation or other business entity, where it maintains a place of business) any firearm purchased or otherwise obtained by such person outside that State: Provided, That the provisions of this section:

(a) Shall not preclude any person who lawfully acquires a firearm by bequest or intestate succession in a State other than his State of residence from transporting the firearm into or receiving it in that State, if it is lawful for such person to purchase or possess such firearm in that State;

(b) Shall not apply to the transportation or receipt of a rifle or shotgun obtained from a licensed manufacturer, licensed importer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector in a State other than the transferee's State of residence in an over-the-counter transaction at the licensee's premises obtained in conformity with the provisions of § 178.96(c); and

(c) Shall not apply to the transportation or receipt of a firearm obtained in conformity with the provisions of §§ 178.30 and 178.97.

[T.D. ATF-270, 53 FR 10493, Mar. 31, 1988]
§ 178.30 Out-of-State disposition of firearms by nonlicensees.

No nonlicensee shall transfer, sell, trade, give, transport, or deliver any firearm to any other nonlicensee, who the transferor knows or has reasonable cause to believe does not reside in (or if the person is a corporation or other business entity, does not maintain a place of business in) the State in which the transferor resides: Provided, That the provisions of this section:

(a) shall not apply to the transfer, transportation, or delivery of a firearm made to carry out a bequest of a firearm to, or any acquisition by intestate succession of a firearm by, a person who is permitted to acquire or possess a firearm under the laws of the State of his residence; and

(b) shall not apply to the loan or rental of a firearm to any person for temporary use for lawful sporting purposes.

[T.D. ATF-313, 56 FR 32508, July 17, 1991; 57 FR 1205, Jan. 10, 1992]
Please keep them.
You may not enjoy the firearms, have enough room or perhaps they may be Nonfunctioning.. but they were your grandfathers.

It is your property and you can do as you wish but there isn't enough money in this world to force me to part with my inherited items (firearms and alike)

But agreed with above post.. Id just sell them privately. You could always load them in your vehicle and "forget" they were in the back as you drive back to OR..
Not firearm related, just in general..I always forget something when going on a trip or coming back from one..

Absolutely no need to follow unconstitutional red tape and pay a middle man to sell something that is already rightfully yours.
Handguns bought new in WA State are indeed registered with the state.. but that has nothing to do with the inheritance of them, as deadeye posted
I see two separate issues.
A. Receiving grandfather's guns - deadeye answered well in post 6. Pick them up, go home.
B. Selling grandfather's guns - begs the question "where are they now?
If they are in WA, you could consign for sale by WA FFL in a WA gun store.
If they are now in OR, you can sell in OR as a private party transaction within OR.
If they are now in OR, you can consign for sale by OR FFL in an OR gun store.
Thanks for all the help everyone! These guns aren't of sentimental value we are keeping those ones for sure. These were mostly his home defense guns and one hunting rifle he never used. I am keeping his other hunting rifles and shotguns and his grandfathers pistols. These guns are being stored at my dad's gun safe in WA but I am trying to raise money for a gun safe for my house and my dad and I are looking for glock for him and one for me preferably in 9 or 10mm

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If you own them now, you can just bring them with you. No bs registration required. If you sell them in the state you reside, no registration required. If you want to sell them to someone in a state you dont reside in then use a dealer to transfer and sell. For anyone in the state you reside in, just sell them.
get receipts and just make sure they are not felons. No ffl needs to be involved. To check on the buyers eligibility just call the desk sgt at the nearest OSP office or see.

Or if they have a chl That usually indicates they are fine. Record that number on the receipt and the odl number and you have done your cya and no problems.
As some others have said. The firearms were left to you, you own them. So you just bring them home. You wouldn't use an FFL to transfer anything if you were moving to another state. Sell them privately in Oregon with a copy of their state issued DL. If not, take them to an FFL in Oregon to send them out to whatever out of state buyer picked it up. Fairly simple process, nothing to worry about.

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