What is the Current Threat Warning Level

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    I thought we were at: Get a Helmet.

    Maybe I was low in that assessment and we are really at: Put on the Helmet!

    We are still in, under?, an emergency declared when I was in High School !




    "The oldest operational emergency was issued by President Carter in 1979. For Mohamad Nazemzadeh, that state of emergency isn't an academic debate. He's on trial because of it and could get up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

    Nazemzadeh, an Iranian-born Ph.D. biochemical engineer, was a research fellow at the University of Michigan where he did research on new radiation therapies to cure cancer and epilepsy. In 2011, he attempted to broker the sale of a $21,400 refurbished MRI coil to an Iranian hospital."

    "That's illegal under a string of executive orders dating back to the Carter administration. Carter, invoking his emergency powers under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, imposed an embargo on trade with Iran in 1979. That emergency has been renewed every year since.

    In its current form, the executive order has an exception for medicine — but not medical equipment."

    If it is that important, why hasn't the congress passed a law which does the same thing. Suspending rights of Americans, for an immediate emergency is troubling. Leaving them in place for generations is bubblegum!

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