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    There are many, many firearms out there that have been renamed or have different model numbers. Sears, Ward's, Western Auto are just some. What I cannot understand is why some folks look at a Ted Williams rifle/shotgun and turn their noses up at them. WTF, do your homework and you will find that these guns differ from other factory in name only !!! I bought several shotguns with Sears name and stock number that turned out to be renamed, normally higher end guns. I didn't pay a lot for any of them and they were wonderful guns that gave zero problems. I purchased a Remington Sportsman 12 that was the same shotgun as the 1100, but made for Kmart. I got it, now you won't believe this, at CABELA's !!!!! for $200. I also just acquired a Remington Model 11A ( I have it listed for trade on this site). This is the first semi auto shotgun produced in America that is a Browning A5 (for the most part). Most of the parts will interchange. I also got it at Cabelas for an excellent price. I gave up being a gun snob years ago when I used to buy guns to try and impress people :laugh Just wanted to do a little ranting. The same goes for really crappy guns that show up regularly for absolutely stupid prices. (Sellers use the same line: they don't make these anymore !!!) Look at what they are trying to sell and you can see why they don't make them anymore :paranoid:. Getting a really good deal will sometimes mean buying a firearm with the "other" name on the side. If that doesn't matter to you, then you can get some awesome deals. I'm not downing anyone who is trying to sell their guns; I just wish a lot of them would do their homework on realistic pricing and not go for that "lemme see what I can get for this sucker !!!!! We have enough jerks out there trying to take our guns away from us; we don't need to try and take advantage of others. We're all in this together, so, let's try and look out for each other.

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