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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by pdx225, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Q. What if American voters were not so eff'n stupid?
    A. Ron Paul would be President.
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    It is deluded and deceived more than stupid/ignorant.

    But yes, the most ignorant and apathetic populace ever that is for sure. Watch the simpletons go for the current anti-Iran propaganda and 'lets go get 'em' campaign. All so the very minor few can add to their trillions in war profiteering and social control over us minions.

    Simple gullibility taken advantage of time and time again. Lining up to 'vote' which is absolutely meaningless since every important politician is bought. Paul would be assassinated by TPTB before he could ever had the chance to say 'thanks for electing me.' That is if he somehow got past the rigged voting machines and banker media's disinfo campaigns against him.

    He is the only true 100% pro-2nd amendment candidate and unfortunately the only too-late hope for the sinking Titanic known as the USA.

    We are simply slaves living in a system that perpetuates the illusion of freedom. An Oligarchy for the benefit of the few. Cheer up though, it is nothing new. We have been nothing but a corporation since the Act of 1871 so nothing new to see here.
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